Monthly Empties- March Empties

The first quarter of the year is done! March went by super quick but I’m very excited because April is my birthday month! Whoop whoop! I have another empties post so say tuned for mini product reviews, products worth buying and ones to miss!


I love the Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist, this is probably my 2nd repurchase. I also finished the Beauty Pie Japanfusion HydraPrep Lotion which was lovely to use. Superdrug’s Natural Radiant 5% Glycolic acid is one of the more affordable drugstore acid toners. I have 2 more bottles to get through and I will bring a full review. Superdrug’s Optimum Anti Skin Stress Midnight Moisture Mask*, this was a nice hydrating mask and I loved mixing it with the Vitamin C powder from the Ordinary. Primark Cucumber Cleansing wipes– cheap and nice to use. I always go in to cleanse afterwards if I use this for makeup removal. The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% Ferulic acid 3%, I am an antioxidant fanatic, the more the better and I love this one because I find it so easy to use. Repurchased a few times. Some by Mi AHA BHA PHA Miracle toner– I will have a full review of this soon. B.Soft Multi acid Retexturising pads– when I saw this in Superdrug I was really excited because it meant the drugstore was giving us more acid toners. This one has fruit and glycolic acids and promises to leave the skin smoother and brighter. I am disappointed with these because I didn’t think they were that great. The pads also felt damp but I don’t know if it’s because I have had this for a while but it was unopened. The scent is also a huge letdown- it smells like something that has gone off. This is my 2nd tub of this product and I won’t be repurchasing. B Confident Night serum*- I briefly mentioned this serum in the B skincare brand review post. This is a lovely lightweight hydrating serum that works really well when layered on with something else. It doesn’t pill and I have had no issues with it. I find this easy to use and pretty much pair it with a lot of actives. It has Niacinamide in it which helps with skin brightening but it’s not a lot to expect great things from it. I would definitely recommend this if you just want something lightweight and hydrating. Pur Correcting Primer– so I have had this little buddy for a while now and it’s actually lasted longer than I thought! This is a nice smoothing primer it’s the not greatest for large pores but nice to make the skin look & feel smooth. It’s one of those primers you have to let your moisturiser sit for a while before going in with it otherwise the texture of it changes. When used properly as in after letting your moisturiser ‘dry’, it does give a soft matte finish. The correcting properties of this are supposedly for redness however I do not have any redness so I can’t comment on that. Other than that it is a lovely primer to use. I also finished Pixi Glow Tonic which I got in an advent calendar

Eleni & Chris Age Renewal Eye Mask*- I was gifted this in a goodybag from an event I attended in the month. This is a bio-cellulose eye patch which feels nice and cooling on the skin. It doesn’t move around once in place. I left this on for about 10 mins and it did hydrate my under eye area and left it looking refreshed. This is a brand that is new to me but it’s a Scandinavian luxury brand doing good things.

Yousha DIY Compressed sheet maskx3– ok so dont judge me on this one. As I was getting obsessed with Yes Style I came across these DIY compressed sheet masks. They are completely flat and expand when immersed in liquid. I thought it would be a fun way to experiment with my own potions for sheet masking. I actually got these from Amazon and I have been very impressed with them. It is a cotton material and it soaks up liquid very well. I am also very impressed with the size and fit- it’s actually big enough to cover my face up until my ears. At the moment I am using the masks with my toners and vitamin C powder-I’m really trying to use up stuff!


Primark cotton rounds. Sephora Foot mask– I really love this one. It’s a repurchase and I highly recommend it. Dove Body scrub– my full review is here. A sample size of Thiery Mugler Angel perfume. Wildseed Multi Purpose moisturiser*-  I was gifted this at an event and I fell in love with i straight away! the texture is so soft and it smells like chocolate orange!


Probably one the best co-wash I have used so far- As I am GroWash Cleansing Crème conditioner* it’s moisturising, extremely slippery for detangling and leaves my hair so soft. I have a full review on the ApHogee Keratin 2Min Reconstructor. I also finished the ORS black olive Repair 7 shampoo*– I have a full review here. KeraCare Thermal Wonder* is an amazing pre-poo treatment and this is the second time I have used it. 3xCreme of Natural Argan buttermilk leave in*- this is very nice to use both as a leave in and moisturiser

That’s all for March, I have a total of  27 and a accumulative total of 87/400

I gave up buying skincare for lent so I haven’t made any purchases and to be honest so far I havent been buying much (except for my brief obsession with K beauty lol) or I have no interest in getting a lot of new products. I’m very content with what I have at the moment and I am enjoying discovering all my old products



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