Beauty Pie Skincare Routine Update

1 month down, 1 to go! This is the 2nd and final month of my Beauty Pie 2 month skincare challenge and I decided for the 2nd month to get some new products to test ( also because I have run out of some stuff lol). The aim of my challenge was to test out as many BP products from all the different collections, check out the introductory post here. So far, I have two reviews up Japanfusion Cleanser and Hydra Prep Lotion.

New Beauty Pie products

For the month of Feb, I decided to pick up and use some new BP products! For my morning routine, I now have the Super Healthy Skin Daily Vitamin C Defence Serum (previously using the Triple Hyaluronic HA & Peptide serum). I LOVE vitamin C so it was only natural I picked this up (it’s also the only Vitamin C serum they have).

For cleansers I have the Super Healthy Skin Deep Purifying Clay Cleanser, I will not be using this very morning because I find it slightly difficult to spread on dry skin and I am not the biggest fan of the texture. You guys know how I feel about the Japan Fusion cleanser however it is sold out 😦 . I also wanted to get the Double Phase cleanser BUT I have finished my allowance already.  I am currently using the B Creamy face cleanser or the Simple Moisturising Face wash for AM cleansing.

For my evening routine, I have also picked up the Frutizyme Five Minute Facial. This is one of their bestselling face masks so I am very excited to try it out! I also bought the Plantastic Micro peeling drops. This will be used as and when I experience texture in place of my TO Salicylic acid ( I LOVE the TO Salicylic acid so this BP serum HUGE boots to fill! Dermalogica Breakout serum couldn’t fill that spot lol). My first impressions of this is not great but I will keep trying it

Quick update on the challenge

I have finished 1 product and I have a tiny bit left of my super Healthy Skin daily Moisture Lotion. I have two reviews on the blog and a further two coming within the next week or two. I am leaving serum reviews towards the end of the 2 month period, that way I would have a much better and informative review for you guys.

That’s all folks! I also picked up a re purchase of the Daily Moisture Lotion but I won’t actually be using it straight away. There is a DHC cream I really have to use up before June this year. Again because my allowance is finished I could pick up another day cream for review but not to worry even when my challenge is over, I will still be doing BP reviews here and there.

PS- I am not really feeling the new products I picked up. I’m trying to not let my first impressions skew my thoughts regarding them but so far after a few uses, I am not impressed. Let’s see

See you soon!

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