Skin Laundry Laser Facial Review

Hey guys, I hope all is well. This post will be about my experience with Skin laundry and their popular laser facials, so if you have clicked on this post, you are probably interested in them

Skin Laundry offers laser treatments that target a range of skin concerns. I have never thought about a laser facial but after reading so many reviews I wanted to try them out. With them, your first treatment is completely free so that meant I could test it out and decide later if I wanted to pay for it. Their laser treatments target hyperpigmentation, acne, pores and a range of other skin concerns but my goal is hyperpigmentation. Before I booked my free appointment, I needed to find out if the lasers will be safe on dark skin (some lasers especially ones for laser hair removal may not be safe on dark skin and it usually requires a different type of laser) I couldn’t find any reviews of dark skin women who had a Skin Laundry laser facial so I emailed them to find out. They replied and assured me it was completely safe and suitable for dark skin.

Skin Laundry UK is in Liberty London on the 3rd floor (a bit difficult to find on the floor but it’s there), after a short mishap with the signing in process, we were off to a start!

I was taken into the treatment room and my therapist asked me what my intentions were and what I wanted to achieve with the treatments. I explained I mostly wanted to target hyperpigmentation mostly from spots and after she had a look at my skin she said it would be achievable. She said my skin was healthy and the hyperpigmentation wasn’t even that noticeable but it’s something the lasers would target. She explained the pain levels and I am happy she was honest with that. For my first time she explained I would definitely feel the ‘heat’ but at any point, I could ask her to pause or stop. So after a quick removal of the makeup, I was wearing (I was actually testing a potential new powder foundation) she gave me my eye goggles for protection and started. She would tell me which areas she would target and a countdown so I was prepared. Honestly, it did hurt and I definitely felt the heat. I won’t say I have a high tolerance for pain but I’m the type to just get on with it if I really want it done.

I would say it’s a 6.5/10 but the good thing is its quick and she did it with pauses. I think it’s a very similar to a laser hair removal although I found that more painful and I didn’t want to do that because I actually had a reaction to it. She did my forehead, nose with one pass but twice for my cheeks and chin area as that is where my hyperpigmentation is. After the laser treatment, she quickly cleansed the skin again and applied a moisturizer and an SPF 35 after.


Honestly, my skin was a bit sensitive to touch and hot but it was glowing! I’m so silly I should have taken pictures but it was such a busy day in Oxford-street so I just wanted to get out of there lol. My skin felt so smooth almost like I had just exfoliated! She advised to not use any acids or retinol after and even before (thank God I didn’t but I kinda guessed it anyway). I didn’t have an immediate reaction to the lasers like I did with the laser hair removal. My skin looked good but felt a bit sensitive so I bought a soothing mist (Avene Thermal Spring Mist) and it felt so soothing and calming on! I then reapplied my SPF(yep I took one with me!)

I had dinner with a friend many hours later and she actually commented on my skin. I woke up the next day and my skin was still glowing and felt so smooth! I kept touching my face and commenting on how smooth and good my skin looked. I held off retinol, acids and even pure Vitamin C until 4 days afterwards.

I waited to write this review because I actually wanted to see how my skin would be a week later. I have not experienced any ‘delayed’ irritation, my skin is still in excellent condition and looks healthier and more radiant. That says a lot because I had my facial just before Christmas and after all the food, drinks and sweets my skin looks great still. I won’t necessarily say it’s down to just this treatment as I like to take care of my skin, but it may have helped.

UPDATE- 5/01/2019- no longer-term irritation experienced.


Honestly, I did really LOVE how my skin looked afterwards but I can’t bear the pain. I would recommend it if you have a high pain threshold. It really leaves your skin smooth and glowing. If you are happy with bikini waxes then I would say you can do this too. The good thing about this is that it is super quick, I was literally done in 15 mins! Even though I found it painful I have been thinking about it because of how my skin felt afterwards.

I am also happy that your 1st time is free and I was given a free Hydrating Radiance Facial Treatment sheet mask. The mask is part of their skincare range and it promises to comfort the skin whilst providing it with vital ingredients and intense hydration. I used the mask a few days after the facial and I really like it! It’s large enough to cover my face and comfortable on. I left it on for 10 mins and my skin was left really hydrated and soothed.

If you are a woman of colour or any colour and you wanted an honest review of Skin Laundry I hope this had helped! My therapist was lovely and I think it helped with my experience with the laser facial. (I can tell you the therapist I had for my laser hair removal trial was so cold so it made the decision of not going back there easier lol.) It was a good experience and if after the 1st treatment I got those results then I can only imagine what a course of treatments will do for my skin. I am still thinking about it tbh even after all this time. if you are interested in this and you want to test out the pain levels I would honestly encourage you to book your FREE treatment to experience the results for yourself!

This is not a sponsored post but my full and honest review of Skin Laundry UK. I didn’t mention blogging or intentions to do a review! More information on them here

I am focusing on professional treatments this year so watch out for more facial reviews. Check out my review on the Clarins Beauty Bar here

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