How to get Glowing Skin

 If you are still dealing with post Christmas/ New Year celebrations OR your skin is looking dull, dehydrated and textured and then post is for you!  If you were very good and followed my skin care tips, then this post will supplement it lol.

How to get your Glow (back)

If textured and dull skin is what you are experiencing then it’s worth adding AHA’s/BHA’s to your routine. These will help chemically exfoliate the skin (no harsh scrubs) and whereby revealing new and healthier glowing skin. My favourites are Pixi Glow Tonic 5%, The Ordinary Glycolic Solution 7%. If you want to try a multi acid toner then try the Glossier Solution 10%. For BHA, my only favourite is the TO Salicylic 2% which is great for enlarged pores and textured skin

You can use AHA toners every night as part of your routine and the Salicylic acid serum as and when it’s needed. I have combined both acids in the same routine and I did not experience any issues BUT I am very used to acids even at higher concentrations so be sure to do more research or test patch before combining both acids.

Dull skin- there is only one ingredient worth mentioning here and that’s Vitamin c, the gold standard for brightening the skin. I LOVE the Ordinary’s MAP 10% it’s such an easy Vitamin C to use plus it also has hydrating benefits. I also like the Garden of Wisdom Vitamin C 23% but not as much as the MAP.


A mild chemical peel will help with stubborn texture. For a quick facial at home, I love the Ordinary’s AHA 30% and BHA 10% acid mask. This is a very high concentration acid mask so make sure you follow the instructions carefully! It’s also best to not use a harsh cleanser before this mask, a simple hydrating or soothing cleanser is recommended.

I leave this on for 10 mins and also follow with a hydrating mask and toner.

For dry and dehydrated skin, I love the Origins Intensive mask, it’s technically a leave on mask but I always apply just a little more than recommend and wash it off after 20 mins. It leaves the skin hydrated and glowing

Skincare basics

Always double cleanse the skin after makeup and SPF. This will go a long way to ensure your skin is back to health

SPF- I know its cold out, windy and rainy but you still need an SPF! There is still UVA/UVB‘s and your skin needs protection especially if you have been using acid toners. I love the Glossier Invisible protection SPF 30 sunscreen and Your Good Skin SPF 30 day cream.

Whilst topical application benefits the skin, skincare also starts from the inside. Could it be time for a detox? When was the last time you drank just WATER. Increase your water intake (no fizzy drink January?), take your vitamins and eat your fruits & veg, to help you skin start healing from the inside too

Thanks for your continual support of my blog, I have a LOT in store including venturing into some new areas

Catch you soon!


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