Best Bodycare products of 2018

This year I focused a lot on skin ‘below the neck’ often we use all the lotions and potions for our faces and neck and we tend to ignore the skin on our body. It’s true it’s often more resilient but it shouldn’t be ignored! I have tried out a few products this year and in this edit, I have picked my fav lotions, scrubs and masks for the body!

Body scrubs

This year I focused heavily on body scrubs! It started as a pamper/get ready routine for occasions but after loving how my skin felt afterwards I started to do them more often. I love Flake away from Soap & Glory. It’s not as gritty as I would like but it leaves my skin so soft and smooth and the scent is amazing! I also fell in love with the BodyShop Brazilian Cupuacu Scrub in Oil body scrub this is grittier and the oil leaves the skin luminous

Body masks

I never thought I was one of those people to do a body mask but the BodyShop Moroccan Rhassoul Clay body mask put me on! It’s tightening and feels the skin so smooth. I have also tried Bentonite clay mixed with aloe vera water and again the results are phenomenal. It takes longer to dry and can feel slightly itchy when drying. I love to follow up a body scrub with a body mask.

Body creams/lotions/oil

I love a good DIY body cream and I have stockpiles of raw Shea, cocoa and mango butter in my room. I love mixing these with oils and blitzing for a smooth thick cream. This can feel slightly oily so if you want to try a DIY body butter you can use fewer oils.  I love these butters for my skin because they are natural but they also soften my skin and help to heal skin. If a body butter is too heavy, this summer I loved Palmer’s body moisturising body oil. It’s silky and light and sinks into the skin! If you want a really light lotion, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Spray Lotion has hyaluronic acid and locks moisture into the skin!

Body Soap

For the last 2 years, the only soap I have used for my body is African Black soap. I use this 90% of the time unless I am away travelling. I have written all about the benefits of black soap here. I agree it can be quite drying on the skin (which is why I follow with Shea butter) but I have also experimented with turning it into a ‘gel’ with oils added. I use mine straight from the packet and get mine from Ghana.


Hair removal creams

After an unfortunate shaving accident at uni (basically I was rushing to shave my legs and managed to scrape a long strip of skin off lol,) I don’t ever shave my legs unless I am desperate and short for time then I only shave where it is needed lol. I mostly use hair removal cream because they are quicker and last longer (I can’t wax, can’t do it for my legs, the pain) Nair hair removal cream is the only hair removal cream I use and it works pretty well


I use an African bathing sponge and this is great for exfoliation and ensures I am clean. I can’t take a shower without scrubbing my skin. I try to change this every 3-4 months. If this is too harsh, you can try a body polisher or puff

I also change my towels every 3-4 weeks. This just ensures I am using clean towels and minimising bacteria growth. Whilst this may not have an impact on your skin straight away, it’s nice to know you are using a clean towel.

In the summer, I never leave home without an SPF!

That’s all folks! What are some of your body care tips you can share?! We often ignore our body but this shouldn’t be the case. Even if we don’t put in the same amount of effort as our facial skincare routines some effort is needed. And it will pay off!

Catch you later


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  1. Flakeaway is brilliant I love it but I don’t use it that often its so poplar I’m likely to bump into someone with the same fragrance. I also like the lime based products from that brand.


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