Pixi Rose Tonic Review


Before we get into today’s post, I just want to wish you guys a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope your day goes well and its filled with lots of love, food etc etc etc. Righty so let’s get into today’s review( and if you have received this product as one of your gifts what great timing right?)

Pixi is the brand behind the iconic Glow Tonic, the glycolic based toner a lot of people love including myself. The Rose Tonic was launched last year and it is quite different from Glow Tonic, the main question is can it stand out in the shadow of the Glow Tonic?

Rose Tonic is formulated with rose hydrosol to hydrate, soothe and calm skin after cleansing. It is rich in nutrients to help replenish and refresh the skin


I needed a new morning toner (I don’t use acid based toners in the AM) so I decided to try the Rose Tonic from Pixi (and also because it was on offer in Boots and I had enough points to get it for free). I got the 100ml bottle which has lasted a little over 2 weeks.

I really like the Rose Tonic for what it claims. I find the toner very gentle and soothing and it’s perfect for the mornings. I have also used this in the evenings, following an acid mask or when I am using Retinols or acid serums. It leaves my skin hydrated and soothed.


I really like this toner and I will definitely repurchase! The main difference between the Rose and Glow Tonics are: Glow tonic has AHA and this doesn’t so they won’t perform the same way. If you are after chemical exfoliation and brighter skin, Glow Tonic is your best choice. If you want hydrating, redness relief and calm, Rose Tonic is your choice.

I like them both and you can use both in the same routine as they target different skin issues. The best way to combine them in a single routine would be to use Rose Tonic in the AM and Glow Tonic in the PM

Rose Tonic starts from £10 available from Cult Beauty


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