Brand review: B Makeup and Skincare

B skincare and makeup is a collection of highly effective products at budget-friendly prices. The B. brand is exclusive to Superdrug and is vegan-friendly. I’m sure you have seen these in your local Superdrug and if you have ever wonder if they work then this post is for you! The skincare collection is a thriving group of products which have been categorised into ‘phases’ based on your age. Phase 1 is for late 20’ & 30’s, Phase 2 is for 30’s, Phase 3 is for late 40’s and skin phase 4 is for late 50’s. The other products that don’t fall within a ‘phase’ are in the targeted solutions & cleansers collection. The Makeup collection has foundations, concealers, lipsticks and other makeup products suitable for a range of skin tones. I have tried products from all the collections and in this brand review, I will share my thoughts on the products and how to use them in a routine


Most of the items I have tried are from Phase 1 and the targeted solutions & cleansers collection. They have a good range of cleansers, I have tried the Creamy Foam Hydrating Cleanser, Micellar water and the Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes. I have also tried the Stubborn Eye Makeup remover and this is AMAZING. I took part in the blind blogger challenge, see details of that plus a review of the remover here. The hydrating cleanser feels very gentle on the skin and removes daily grime, oils and makeup residue with ease. The cleanser doesn’t strip my skin and I have enjoyed using it as my morning cleanser. I love the Micellar water which I have reviewed here. I have repurchased the micellar cleansing wipes a lot of times and I have a full review here

Routine stepCreamy Foam HydratingCleanser- AM or PM cleanser.  Micellarwater & Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes- to remove makeup. Follow with acleanser. Stubborn eye makeup remover- as an eye makeup remover

Spritz, Essence & Boosters

There are 2 mists: Hyaluronic Acid Spritz and Vitamin Facial Mist and I love them both! I have repurchased the Hyaluronic Acid Spritz several times and I have a full review of this here. I was recently sent the Vitamin Facial Mist for this brand review and I added it to my routine straight away! I used the mist both day & night to add a boost of hydration to my skin. It sprays in a fine mist and has a refreshing citrus scent.

Routine step– after toning either AM or PM

There is 1 essence in the collection and it’s the B. Refreshed Essene Lotion. I LOVE this! It’s very soothing and hydrating and doesn’t leave the skin sticky. I have a full review here. The B.Hydrated Booster was also sent to me for this post and I must say have fallen in love with it. It is a booster so I don’t need to use it every day, I just reach for it when my skin needs an extra boost of hydration. It feels very light on the skin, even lighter than the essence and adds hydration to the skin. This leaves my skin looking more radiant. The only thing I do not like about the booster is the dispenser. It is the same as the dispensers of essential oils. I think it is this way because they want you to use less as it is more concentrated. I use about 4- 5 drops over my face and neck and sometimes even on my chest. I mostly use this at night but I can imagine it been great for morning use too.  I have really enjoyed adding this to my routine especially as we are in winter and it does exactly as promised. I have normal to combination skin and this has worked well for it. I think drier skins will find the booster particularly helpful.

Routine step- Essence lotion either AM or PM after toning.  Booster- as needed. Use after toning.

Serums & Creams & Masks

I have only tried 1 serum from B skincare and it’s the B. Confident Night Serum. It is light textured serum which feels lovely on the skin. It doesn’t pil and layers quite well with other serums. I will have a full review of this soon but I do really love this. For moisturisers I have tried the B. Confident Day Cream– I love this so much! It reminds me of a Murad moisturiser I used a few years back. Its lightweight non-oily and feels luxurious on the skin. It leaves the skin soft and radiant. Definitely, one to try! I was also sent the B. Hydrated leave on mask to test out for the review. The mask is the only product I didn’t like. It’s a leave on mask but as always and with all my leave on masks, I put on a little more than recommended so that I can wash it off. With this mask, I felt like it didn’t hydrate my skin and it didn’t make a difference. This mask comes in a small pot so it lasts about 3 applications. I am now out of it but it’s not something I would not purchase.

Routine step Serum- in the PM after toning and before moisturiser. Day Cream- in the PM. Mask- 2 to 3 times a week.


Foundations & concealers

There are two foundations from B, the B.Silky foundation (11 shades) and B. Matte Foundation (12 shades), whilst they are not the biggest shade ranges, they have even amount of shades across skintones so its not 10 light shades with 2 dark shades. I have both foundations and they both feel lightweight on the skin. I love the packaging of the foundations and I like how different they are compared to normal drugstore foundation. The foundations are not the longest wearing foundations and I would recommend them for casual wear. I dont remember them oxidisng on my skin. The flawless concealers are the latest products to be launched from B makeup. I was sent these and I will have a fullreview for Brown Beauty Talk soon.

Primer & Setting spray

I really like the HD primer in this range. It is a silicone based primer that smoothes pores and helps extend makeup. I will have a full review on this soon. The Setting spray also helps to extend makeup but doesn’t add a dewy finish to makeup. It also doesn’t make it extremely matte.


B skincare and makeup is an impressive drugstore brand. The brand is ever growing and has some new products in the pipeline.  I love the skincare collection and I think they have some really good and reasonably priced products. The makeup collection has a good range of products from foundations to makeup brushes and lipsticks. I do really like the brand and I will always recommend it!

Have you tried anything from this brand? Let me know below. I will have more brand reviews coming in the future but for now, check out these previous brand reviews The Ordinary, NipFab, Bodyshop


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