Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Serum Review


Nip Fab have a lot of products I love, mostly from their Glycolic Fix range which has Glycolic acid has their main ingredient and targets texture, enlarged pores and radiance. I have reviewed other products in the range: Glycolic Fix scrub, Glycolic Fix Mask and Glycolic Pads. For every single product I have used from NipFab and how to fit them in a routine, check out my brand review here

Today’s post is a full review on the Glycolic Fix serum. This serum targets texture and fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. The Pore Away complex also targets enlarged pores.


This is a gel textured serum made with 4% aha and aloe vera for added soothing and calmness. The gel has a medium consistency, sinks into the skin and has a subtle scent. Unfortunately, I did not like this serum

With 4% aha, I experienced no tingling sensation or irritation with the serum (my skin is used to high aha concentrations so it could be the reason. The serum doesn’t add any hydration to the skin but Nip Fab does not make that claim anyway. For me, I didn’t experience any of the benefits. I do not have enlarged pores (Thank you The Ordinary Salicylic acid! Review here) so I was looking to this for texture irregularities when the need arose and even hyperpigmentation as AHA can tackle that too. However, it didn’t tackle texture when I used it for that either.

I have misplaced the cap of the serum so it’s left uncovered on my vanity. The serum is clear however after a couple of days ( a week or so) the residue in the pump turns opaque/cloudy so I tend to pump that away then dispense ‘fresh’ serum out.


I stopped using this serum because it really wasn’t doing anything and I also didn’t enjoy the serum on my skin. I tend to prefer more hydrating serums (even if they don’t claim to add hydration, most serums add some) especially in the colder seasons and the Nip fab adds no hydration. It feels ‘matte’ on the skin. Plus it wasn’t doing anything anyway soo why waste my time with it lol

If you have this serum let me know how it’s working out for you?!

Nip Fab Glycolic Serum is £14.95 on NipFab

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