Niederegger Marzipan Review

When it comes to Marzipan there is only one authority every marzipan lover knows: Niederegger! The luxury marzipan brand has been making marzipan since 1806 and they are very well known for their high-quality great tasting marzipan! I never knew I was a marzipan lover until I tasted Niederegger marzipans!

Niederegger also has the biggest range of marzipan flavours I have ever seen! Everything from Espresso to Pistachios (so yummy!) and even Apple Strudel (a fav of mine).

What is marzipan?

If you have never had or even heard of marzipan it’s easy to be confused about what I’m talking about. It’s basically ground almond, sugar and egg whites. It can be used for covering cakes but it’s mostly used as sweets dipped in chocolate. Niederegger contains 65% almonds and 35% sugar with no extra sugar added and come with a variety of different covering chocolates e.g. dark or milk chocolate.

I received the Christmas box, full of different flavours Niederegger offers. This has

Marzipan classic variations box (mini sizes: 2 orange, 2 pineapples, 2 expresso, 2 pistachios)

Marzipan flavour of the year 2018 Apple Strudel

Marzipan Santa Claus

Marzipan Stick n Go in Walnut & Rum and Amarena Cherry

Marzipan Tafel- chocolate Classic


I knew I liked marzipan but after tasting so many different flavours of it, I now LOVE marzipan. Niederegger’s marzipans aren’t overly sweet, I still get the almond taste with the chocolate. My favourite is definitely the pistachio marzipan, who knew almonds and pistachios would go together? I also love the Apple strudel marzipan! This one is covered in whole milk chocolate so was noticeably sweeter than the rest but I also got hints of apple in it. It’s also a big ‘loaf’ definitely couldn’t finish it all in one go. If you love rum then the stick n Go in Rum would be your pick. It’s a strongly flavoured rum covered in milk chocolate. The Amarena Cherry is nice too, the cherry flavour pairs well with the dark chocolate coverage. Marzipan Santa Claus was delicious too, covered in dark chocolate! The mini variations box is an excellent gift on its own too. The Espresso marzipan isn’t too shabby (not a huge fan of coffee) but the orange marzipan, I mean its chocolate and orange and you can never go wrong with that!


I think you either like or don’t like marzipan. I love it my brothers don’t lol. If you are a marzipan lover and you haven’t tried Niederegger marzipan you are missing out! I love the gift boxes they have and it will definitely be a great (and yummy) gift for foodies!

Niederegger marzipan and gifts including the Christmas box (will make an excellent Christmas gift) can be purchased in the UK via ChocolateDirects



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