ColourPop Haul and swatches on Dark skin

ColourPop Haul and swatches on Dark skin

I am so excited to share this post! Why? because I finally bit the bullet and did a ColourPop haul! The customs fees have really put me off for a very long time ( Please just come to the UK) and I remember I only ever made 1 previous order, 2 years ago, with a friend and only because we had a discount code LOL. This time around, they had a 25% sitewide sale and literally everything I wanted was included so I finally decided to buy something! Whatever savings I did save paid for the customs fees which I have to admit wasn’t as much as I thought it would be, £16.67 but still it would be nice not to pay it! The shipping was super quick too, 2 days after dispatch, it arrived in the UK but I didn’t get it until 4 days later because of the customs charge


I bought a good range of stuff including their new No Filter foundations and concealers. I got a bunch of Ultra Matte Lippies for myself and my girls, and a couple of other stuff. This post isn’t a review because I haven’t used everything yet, this post will have swatches of the stuff I bought and some information on how I matched myself to the foundation( it was a fail but it wasn’t too big of a fail lol). Let’s goo


One thing I love about CP is definitely their lipsticks! They stay put period and are cheap! I picked up 5 colours (2 were gifts so no swatches, unfortunately) but the 3 that were mine are LAX and Limbo which I missed out on with my last order 2 years ago and the Ellarie x CP collab Hennyways. All 3 are Ultra Matte formulas so they are super matte but very long-lasting. Limbo and Hennyways are VERY similar but the undertones are just a smidge bit different. Do you need both? I don’t think so, but I do like Ellarie so I wanted to get it in support.

ColourPop Haul and swatches on Dark skin

No Filter Foundation & Concealers

So when it comes to buying foundation online I generally don’t advise it unless you absolutely know your shade/ it’s a repurchase. I watched countless of video to try and get a shade match and I also used their shade finder with the chart they had available. In the end, I went with 185 which they describe as a warm foundation with golden yellow undertones with the closest shade matches to be 430 Fenty (my shade and MAC NW 46) was it a perfect match? No, unfortunately, it’s just a tad bit lighter than my skintone, maybe half a shade but the undertone is good. I can use it but I would probably have to mix a drop or two of a warmer darker foundation (my MUFE Ultra HD will do the trick). I’m not a huge fan of mixing foundations but I don’t mind as the shade isn’t way off. I haven’t worn it yet, but I have scheduled it for use in October in my Foundation of the month series. I have a few events in October so I would really get to test this out and let you know if it’s worth the hype


my other foundation shades


I am not the one for a bright under eye highlight although I could have probably gone a shade lighter with these concealers. I got the shades Dark 52 & 54. Again I haven’t test driven them yet, waiting for October!


Cheek products

I have been waiting for this Avalon Highlighter for 2 years lol. It’s a bronzed pearl highlighter that looks amazing on dark skin! The texture of this is bouncy and soft and it applies easily with a brush

I have been in search of a warm matte bronzer for dark skin for a while. I don’t want to spend £30 plus on it ( I know Bobbi Brown and Guerlain have one) because I am still learning how to use one properly so I decided to try the CP one. I got the shade Bits & Pieces which is the darkest shade and it’s perfect! Not to red or warm and it shows up on the skin! A very subtle shimmer but it isn’t noticeable once on. I love it! It’s available in the pan only/ compact with a mirror and I opted to get the compact to complete it

The only product I don’t like is the Quarters blush. I actually wanted the Swift blush but I couldn’t find it on the website so I went with this instead. It looks like it would be a deep cranberry colour in the pan but it is very far off. It looks chalky on my skintone and the colour payoff isn’t great. PLUS I don’t like the texture of this, unlike the highlighters this feels like a powder to cream formula? I don’t know which brush to use with it: I have tried a fluffy and stippling brush but they don’t seem to pick up the colour well. I have tried fingers but I don’t like using my fingers for makeup application. It looks used already because I have been trying to make it work but I am getting nowhere


Final thoughts

I am very happy with my order and how quickly I received it! I love everything expect for the blush and I can’t wait to play around more with them! I would recommend (with the exception of the blush) everything was they look great on dark skin tones!


Can we start a petition to get them to ship here custom free or include it on the shipping? Better yet make a deal with a UK retailer: Beautybay, FeelUnique, Selfridges or Debenhams. Hopefully soon

Love Sarah


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