Foundation of the Month September- Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème


For the 9th instalment in the Foundation of the month series, I am talking about my first ever complexion product from the popular brand, Becca. I love Becca highlighters but I have never tried their foundation products. I bought this foundation in August because it was 50% off, they have recently relaunched and reformulated (I think) this foundation which is why there was the huge discount. Anyway, let’s get into the specs of this foundation

Becca’s Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème is a full coverage foundation with 21% pigment and 22% water which gives it its full coverage. They promise 24hr wear, a breathable and weightless formula whilst blurring imperfections and giving an airbrushed effect


This foundation is a hit on YT but I have stayed away from it because as you may know, I am for medium coverage and dewy finishes. As I mentioned earlier, there was a 50% discount on it so I decided to purchase, I have also bought a few liquid illuminators which I have been pairing with all my other foundations so my idea was to keep doing so with this Becca foundation. I bought the shade Sienna after many videos trying to match myself. It’s a good shade, the undertone is slightly off but it’s ok. The foundation is extremely thick, it’s the thickest formula I own, but somehow it’s very lightweight on the skin. I use half to 1 full pump mixed with 1-2 drops of liquid illuminator. It blends extremely well and doesn’t emphasise texture on the skin. For a thick foundation, it’s not heavy and it doesn’t look cakey or feel drying on the skin.

Let’s talk coverage. Becca describes this as a full coverage foundation with 21% pigment. Do I agree? I think it’s a little more than medium coverage but it’s not extremely full coverage. Why do I think that? Because it doesn’t necessarily cover a dark scar I have on my jawline but I am in no way disappointed with this. It may be the amount I use or the fact that I mix with something else. I actually like this because I was worried it would be too ‘full coverage’ for me and that I would look completely different with this on.

The foundation does hold up very well during the day and in heat. I find it resistant to sweat, i.e. it doesn’t melt at the first sight of sweat. It doesn’t separate as quickly as other foundations around my laugh lines. It is not transfer proof but it doesn’t do so easily. It still has the just applied look at the end of the day and photographs beautifully (I used it for a photoshoot this month)


I can understand why this foundation is a hit and it’s definitely worth the hype. This one is definitely for the special occasions when you want more coverage and something that lasts and photographs well. I got so many compliments with this foundation on. Be prepared though it’s very thick and I don’t think you necessarily need a full pump to get the job done. It’s a satin/natural matte finish and feels lightweight on. It works really well with a buffing brush and mixes well with liquid highlighters. It doesn’t oxidise.

The old version is still available but I am not sure for how long. I haven’t tried the new 24hr wear foundation but I don’t think I will get that as I already have this one. My only con is the bottle. I am so used to having a glass transparent bottle which helps you know the amount of product you have left. Not a huge con as foundations last a very long time anyway but it would be nice to see what you are using. I have noticed the new foundation come in a glass bottle.

I love this foundation and I highly recommend it.

Becca’s Ultimate Coverage is £17 on SpaceNK (there only seems to be a few shades left on Space NK, the others are sold out). It’s £34 everywhere else

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Foundation of the Month September- Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème

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