Ultimate Empties Challenge September

Can you believe 2018 is only 2 more months now? It’s flown by! I am so proud of myself for sticking with this challenge and actively work each month to finish my products. So did I hit my target this month? Let’s find out!

Cleansers & Toners

I finished my big bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic. Is the supersize 500ml version worth it? I opened this on the 23rd of April and it finished on the 20th of September: just close to 5 months. Its £32 (vs £18 for 250ml which lasts about 4 weeks ish) so it’s worth it. The pump makes it easier to use although it doesn’t reach the bottom of the bottle so I had to remove the pump to catch the last few bits of it.  If you are a hard-core glow tonic fan then you would like this. I got mine with a discount code so it’s worth searching for one first. Superdrug Refreshing Vitamin C Cleansing Pads– these are not toner pads which is what I thought they were. These pick up excess dirt and oils and leave it refreshed. I won’t use it for heavy makeup or rely solely on this for cleansing. I finished another tub of Nip Fab Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Pads. The BodyShop Drops of Light Essence Lotion– I really liked the Drops of Light serum so I thought I would like the essence lotion as well however I was wrong. The essence lotion only adds hydration (not a lot) and don’t help to brighten skin over time. My current essence is much cheaper and adds more hydration than this. I won’t repurchase this. Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner– this is a nice hydrating mist that sprays in a fine mist and adds hydration to the skin. It doesn’t leave the skin sticky or clog pores. This was a nice addition to my routine.  Another empty packet of the Primark Micellar Facial Cleansing Wipes.

Face Masks

4x sheets mask from Amazon which I absolutely love. I left these random ones till later because I thought I wouldn’t like them but surprisingly I do! The Potato and Snail sheet masks were really hydrating and cooling so were all of them tbh! Read the K beauty Amazon post here. Its Skin Pomegranate Sheet mask– this was nice but my least fav out of the 3 I had. It adds hydration but I can’t remember any special thing about it. Superdrug Spaa Refreshing Eye Patches x3– these are actually nice! They are not soaking wet like the traditional eye patches but they have some serum. I do like these because they actually reduce bags and refresh the eye area. I will repurchase. The Body Shop British Rose Mask– this gel texture mask adds hydration and soothes the skin. I reached for this mask anytime I wanted hydration or something to calm my skin if it’s been a particularly hot day or stressful week. It’s something I would buy again.

Creams & Serums

The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors– this is a non-oily hydrating face cream. It’s really thick and a little goes a long way. I really like this because there is 0 oily residue and the hydration lasts all day. It also softens the skin. I experienced no irritation with this. This tube didn’t last a long time.  The Ordinary MAP 10%- I have a full review of this here. Palmer’s Perfecting Facial Oil– so I am not the one for facial oils but this one I love. It’s not oily oily if you understand and it leaves the skin silky soft. I even love this as a body oil. It smells great! It has a mixture of good ingredients e.g. Retinol, Resveratrol etc but I am assuming not enough to have a huge impact on the skin. It’s a lovely facial oil to use. Finally another bottle of Niacinamide from The Ordinary. Read my full review here. As summer has come to an end this would be the last of Niacinamide till next spring. Read my Summer to Fall Routine here.


Sure Bright Bouquet roll on. St Ives Even & Bright scrub– I used this as a body scrub because I thought it would be v gritty( it says mild exfoliation on the back) to my disappointment it’s not mild, it’s very light. It didn’t leave my skin any smoother, to be honest. I won’t repurchase. Black Girl Sunscreen. I love this! My full review is on the BrownBeautyTalk website.  Soap & Glory Super Crush body scrub– this smells amazing and its gritter than the Flakeaway scrub. It leaves the skin super soft and smooth. Thierry Mugler Angel Muse Perfume– I got this in July after falling in love with it. it was my everyday perfume so the 100ml bottle lasted 3 months. It’s expensive but the perfume smells so good I am going to repurchase soon. Naissance Refine Avocado Oil– I used this in my body butter mix and in oil mixes for bae.  The BodyShop shea Butter hand lotion– I loved this, it smells great and moisturises the hand. Finally Nair Shower Cream


Kera Care Hydrating Detangling shampoo– this stuff works! It’s super slippery and gives a lot of lather which was great for finger detangling. It also left my hair really soft. It’s something I would recommend and buy.


Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Marine Boosting mist– so I bought this for a dewy finish to makeup as you guys know is my preference but unfortunately, it let me down. It melts powder into the skin sure but it doesn’t add dewiness to makeup. L.A Girl Colour Corrector– this little tube lasted 2 years! (18-month expiry but shh) I love L.A Girl the brand because their products are cheaper but good. Orange correctors cancel out darkness on dark skin tones so I used this for under eye circles and dark patches I have around my face

Total this month- 30

Total so far- 257/250

I did it! It took 9 months but I finally hit my target! GO ME! I can really see a massive difference. I have cleared most of my really old products and half used ones. I noticed The Ordinary serums were something I kept repurchasing but these were all replacements of ones I was used before and not to keep as a backlog! I’m so happy. Right now I am going to push further to see how many more products I can finish by 31st December

Thanks for everyone who supported me by reading my blog! I hope if you started this challenge too but carried on and stuck to it!

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