The Ordinary’s Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10% Review

I have been gushing all about Vitamin C on my Instagram and this product, in particular, The Ordinary’s Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10% (MAP) so you know it was only a matter of time I brought a full review to my blog

Vitamin C has been an ingredient I have stayed away from for so long because although it’s extremely effective, it must be formulated and packaged properly to prevent it from going bad, i.e. pro-oxidant (you don’t want that). Since I use a lot of water formulations and mists in my routine and Vitamin C doesn’t pair well with water, I needed something to overcome this. I decided to do more research into Vitamin C and came across Vitamin C derivatives, they are just as potent and more stable in water! The two I got from The Ordinary were Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% (read review here) and MAP. This post is all about MAP

MAP is a water-based cream, and a water-soluble derivative of Vitamin C. MAP is well known for its brightening properties even more than other Vitamin C derivatives. The 10% conc The Ordinary offers is a very high solubilized concentration designed to be used AM & PM after water based serums


What don’t I love about this? MAP has a light creamy texture which sinks into the skin with ease and adds hydration to my skin. There is an instant boost of radiance once applied. I have experienced no irritation with this. I used it every night with the Ferulic acid until I finished the tube. It lasted a little over a month

I am now on my 2nd tube and I can definitely notice a difference in the overall health of my skin: it looks more radiant and healthier. I LOVE mixing a few drops of the Resveratrol 3% and Ferulic Acid 3% to this for antioxidant and brightening properties.  I have also used this following their Salicylic Acid 2% serum whenever I have texture and somehow- IT GETS RID OF IT OVERNIGHT! I have recommended this to my mother who has hyperpigmentation too and she loves it, she says it has left her skin smoother and brighter. I’m purchasing a 2nd tube for her soon.

I have to say, my pigmented spots don’t look any lighter but the overall appearance of my skin has definitely improved! I prefer this over the Ascorbyl Glucoside 12% serum only because I have had no issues with it and its hydrating enough for me to use without the need for a night cream. For my 2nd tube, I have been using it in rotation, on days when I am not using retinol or acids serums (not that you can’t combine these, you absolutely can and should! I am just doing it this way to use as many products as possible lol)


An absolutely must have if you are a bit weary of Vitamin C and want something effective and easy to use. The only con is the amount in the tube, it seems to go quickly lol but I can also say I may have abused it and used a lot more than needed lol. You can use it alone, but I definitely prefer it with the ferulic acid mixed for instant luminosity and brightening! Please come with the 100ml or 50ml size of this!

MAP is £7.80 available from Deciem


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