Brand Review: NipFab


I have another brand review for you guys, today I am talking about the ever so popular brand, NipFab. I fell in love with their products about 2 years ago after trying their Glycolic Fix range. Since then I have used a LOT of their products so I decided to condense everything down and give you recommendations on where to slot them in your skincare routine!

Skincare collection

NipFab has a lot of skincare collections which they call ‘Fix’ and they relate to different skincare concerns. For instance, their Glycolic Fix range is for texture & uneven skin.

Toners– I have used many of their toner pads and love most of them. The Glycolic Fix Extreme has 5% AHA which is great for texture and sun damage (they also have a 2% toner pads and one for sensitive skin). I also Love the Dragon’s Blood Fix cleansing pads which cleanse and hydrate. Their Bee Venom pads are also great for hydration although I am not as crazy about them

Routine Step- after cleansing

Cleansers– Their Glycolic Fix Foaming pads are now my only travel face cleansers: they have 2% AHA and they save me a ton of space in my liquid allowance! I LOVE their Deep Cleansing Fix. This is a creamy balm which has multiple benefits. They are so effective at removing makeup and cleansing the skin without drying it out. Glycolic Fix Scrub– with 3% AHA and salicylic acid, they are great for reducing stubborn texture. It’s literally 1 of the 3 scrubs I use on my face and I use very sparingly!

Routine Step- scrub- 1-2 times a week or when needed. Pads & cleansing fix- 1st or 2nd Cleanser/makeup remover

Masks– I have tried 3 face masks from Nip and I love them all! The Bubble Sheet Mask Extreme 2% is a great sheet mask for travel and adding instant radiance to the skin. I also love the gel texture of the Glycolic Fix Instant Mask with 5% AHA. It leaves pores minimised and texture reduced. The Dragon’s Blood Plumping Mask has amino acids and adds hydration to the skin. The No Needle Fix Eye patches have to be one of the best eye patches I have ever used! First, it’s a single goggle mask that goes over the whole eyes and it plumps up the under eye area.

Routine Step- 2 to 3 times a week after cleansing. Rinse off after 10-15 mins. Eye patches- leave on for 10-15 mins, dont rinse off.

Serums/Creams– I have two serums from NipFab but I am yet to starting using the Glycolic Radiance Shot. I have been using the Glycolic Fix serum with 4% AHA. I haven’t been consistent with it enough for any real long-term benefits but it does seem it reduce pores. It also somehow feels sticky. I will report back after I finish the bottle. I used their Post Glycolic Fix SPF 30 moisturiser and was disappointed with it. I didn’t find it moisturising enough and it did leave a silver cast on my dark skin

Routine Step- Serums- after cleansing and toning. Cream after serums in the morning.

Makeup- Nip Fab have an extensive makeup range, I have tried their foundations which are nice although more shades are needed, they do have a shade darkener and lightener but I always find with these the undertones are completely off. I love their Stroboscopic Highlighter palette which looks amazing on dark skin tones and their Sculpted Eyeshadow palette which is an amazing neutral colours palette.

That’s all the stuff I have tried from NipFab! They have a huge collection and I hope this post has helped you decide which products to try first. I have a lot of reviews on my blog and flash reviews on my Instagram so make sure you follow me on there!

I absolutely love this brand and can’t wait to try some more stuff from them

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