Summer to Fall Skincare Routine

Summer to Fall Skincare Routine


Summer 2018 was LIT! For the first time in a long time, we had more than 2 weeks of sun! Temperatures were hitting 32 degrees and above but alas the cooler days are here! My skin this summer was a well-behaved teenager too, I stepped up my routine and added new products and trialled new ingredients that could help combat the heat and it paid off! My skin remained normal/oily combo instead of the usual oily/acne prone I had experienced in previous summers!

I have gushed over 4 main products that helped keep my skin in check this summer: The Ordinary’s Niacinamide helped keep texture at bay and pores minimised whilst their Salicylic acid 2% cleared any spots and texture in no time! ( I actually prefer this product over the PC 2% BHA). I also loved the BodyShop Drops of Light Multi Essence SPF 50! The lightweight formula sinks right into the skin, it’s 100% transparent on dark skin and is not oily. I also loved antioxidants and made full use of the Ordinary’s Resveratrol & Ferulic Acid serum this summer to enhance sun protection and skin health.

Now that we are transitioning into the colder months, I have been doing my research into products and ingredients that will add hydration and keep my skin in good health. Last year I fell in love with hyaluronic acids and I know it will be a sure addition to my routine. These are some of the new products and ingredients I will be adding to my routine:

Amino Acids: brand new on the Ordinary’s website is the Amino Acids plus B5 (additional product information hasn’t even been uploaded yet!) this is described as daily hydration support plus AA’s in general help retain moisture in skin. Some AA also have antioxidant support! I don’t know which AA’s are in the Ordinary’s formula but I am looking forward to it! Nip Fab Dragon Blood Fix Mask also has some amino acids in it

Retinols: although retinols are perfectly good to be used in the summer, I tend to save my retinols for fall-winter-spring. Mainly because I use moderate to high strength retinols plus AHA’s and I don’t want to potentially make my skin even more sensitive to the sun when there are more UVA/UVB. I slather on SPF 50 without fail in summer but with my hyperpigmentation and my skin been so prone to dark spots, I tend to leave retinol for cooler months when there is less UVA/UVB. I will be using the Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment. So far (after a couple of days), I have experienced no irritation (and I have been using it with 5% AHA) but I have been mixing it with The Ordinary’s NMF, it’s a lovely texture too

Vitamin C: I used Vitamin C this summer and I fell in love with how radiant it left my skin. Again two vitamin c I loved were from the Ordinary: MAP and Ascorbyl glucoside 12%. I have recently purchased the 100% L ascorbic powder which is designed to be mixed with treatments. I have been experimenting with mixing with hydrating masks and even with my body oil ( shh)

In addition to these, I will be using my usual products, essences, mists, and SPF and face masks! I will be switching back to Clinique’s dramatically different face cream.

Transitioning into the colder months will be a tad be difficult after the wonderful summer we had but I will be ready lol. You should absolutely consider changing some of your products for the cold season to help your skin retain moisture and healthy.

Catch you later: be sure to follow me on Instagram for more product recommendations and flash reviews!

What are you using this fall/winter?



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