Foundation of the Month July- Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation


Hey guys, welcome back to my foundation of the month series! In this series, I am testing out foundations by wearing them for the whole month and letting you know my thoughts on it. The point of this series is to help dark-skinned women find foundations and hopefully introduce you to some good products! So far I have 6 months’ worth of foundation reviews from the very popular Fenty Foundation to the very cheap but extremely good The Ordinary High Coverage foundation!

This month I wore my Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation. I have had this foundation for a very long time but it’s one of those products that sit in my collection and I hardly ever use it. Mainly because it’s a darker shade( I got matched to this in the summer now that I remember) so I can only use it in summer or when I go on holiday. I decided to use it this summer because I’m slightly darker than my usual shade thanks to the amazing weather we have had in the UK.

MUFE Ultra HD Foundation offers a natural invisible finish with medium buildable coverage. I have the shade 180= R530. I bought the foundation at the time they were switching from their HD formula to their Ultra HD Formula hence the two shade names. The foundation feels extremely lightweight on the skin, like a second skin and blends seamlessly. It works well for my normal to combo skin type and holds well throughout the day. The shade I have of this foundation is too dark and red for me which is why I hardly use this foundation. I use it in the summer when I am tanned and when my undertone is neutral and slightly red or when I am away on a really sunny holiday. I love the formula of this foundation so I tried getting the stick formula hoping to get a better match to my usual skin tone/undertone, unfortunately, I got matched again to the wrong shade, this time a really neutral shade that looks grey!  At the time I didn’t know much about foundations and undertones, I trusted the MUFE lady and the foundation did match my jawline which is darker than the centre of my face. Sighs, my liquid formula is at least workable but the stick formula is rubbish, it’s not even good for me as a contour.

The MUFE Ultra HD foundation oxidises. My shade has a red undertone but at the end of the day looks redder than when I first applied it (I learnt this the hard way when I tried to apply this foundation in the winter with a bandeau style top. My face looked extremely red and dark compared to my chest, I had to wipe my face and start all over!). To counteract this, I apply a lighter than usual concealer with this foundation so my face doesn’t end up 2-3 shades darker than my body.


I have mixed feelings for this foundation. It’s a beautiful foundation which feels like nothing on the skin and offers medium coverage that doesn’t look cakey however it oxidises and I can only wear it during the summer time. I would like to have my correct shade but I also don’t want to have a 3rd bottle of this foundation in my collection. I want to give away my stick foundation as I have actually never used it but I really don’t know anyone with a neutral/grey undertone and I don’t want to throw it away either. Sighs.

Will I recommend it? Hmm, if you can get your exact shade (they have 40 shades) but you run the risk of oxidation. I think there are other options out there which offer the same amount of coverage and finish without the oxidation.

MUFE Ultra HD Foundation is £31 at Debenhams (wow I bought mine 3 years ago for £29)

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