Primark Skin Perfecting Resurfacing Pads Review

Over the last year, I have seen the beauty range at Primark grow from strength to strength. Every once in a while I would wonder into the beauty section, peep through the collection and play around with some swatches. Although I haven’t tried a lot from the Primark Beauty range, I love their strip lashes (hello £1), false nails( the glue is amazing) and their makeup brushes I also have a review on their primer here
PS Pro is one of their skincare collections and I decided to try the Skin Perfecting Resurfacing Pads for 3 reasons: 1. Because a skincare blogger I trust posted it and 2. Because it was on sale for £1 usual price is £5 and 3. The ingredients were of interest to me
Primark promises a clear and radiant luminous complexion with these pads and they have been formulated Glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid to retexture and hydrate the skin. It also promises to refine and purify the skin. You get 60 pads
Let’s start with the good. Its a pleasant subtle scent and the pads are larger than the NipFab pads I am used to although these are much thinner.
Now the cons of this product. The pads were dry, not damp but dry. My tub was sealed and still had the seal of protection intact but mine was super dry( i also got my girl to buy these and she reported the same issue). It was only the last few (probably about 15 from the bottom) that were damp. I used about 3 at a time to feel the moisture from these
The content of glycolic acid isn’t mentioned however I assume it’s very low. These pads didn’t make any difference to my skin, either texture wise or hydration wise.
Originally I was going to buy 3 but I decided to get 1 for tryouts and I am so glad I did. I’m happy these were only a pound. I won’t repurchase
P.S don’t waster your fiver on these! Superdrug has a 5% aha liquid toner for £5.99.
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