Ultimate Empties Challenge – May

It’s official! We are halfway through 2018! The first part of the year has been rocky and testing but we have to keep going! Anyway, it also means its halfway into my Ultimate Empties Challenge! So I will quickly remind you of what this challenge is about. It’s a very simple one really: I have a lot of products unused and some even halfway used and I really want to get through them instead of throwing away, esp the half used ones! So far I had to throw away a cream I had from 2015 (smh) it was unused and new but the texture looked different and the colour was off and it kept piling on my skin even without any other products. ( see why this challenge is important?). the challenge is to get to 250 minimum by 21st December 2018 but I will push for 300!

So let come to May’s instalment, what did I finish? Stay tuned. I will link reviews and where to purchase

Cleaners& Toners

3 of the Primark Gentle Cleansing face wipes (I am down to my last pack of these! These babies are from sept 2017 (smh) and 1 Superdrug Cleansing wipes for combination skin. The Superdrug one was nice and moist and didn’t dry out. it did a good job of removing makeup but of course I had to wash my face afterwards. The BodyShop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner– I introduced this in my routine as I wanted to use a mix of antioxidants ( I will do a detailed post on this soon) for my morning routine. This one from the BodyShop is hydrating (its not too hydrating but enough) and it was nice. It had the same subtle scent as with all the other products in the range. It didn’t leave my skin sticky and worked with the essence I used it with. I will definitely repurchase this and add to my winter routine! Nip Fab Dragon’s Fix Cleansing Pads– I really love these pads and this is probably my 3rd tub of it! It has salicylic acid for exfoliation and deep pore cleansing. It doesn’t say a conc but I know it’s quite low. This hydrates too. Your Good Skin Refreshing Face Wash– I have a full review on this here when I did the 28 day healthy skin challenge. I love this face wash and it’s something I always recommend and will purchase! Boots Botanics Toning Spritz– this was disappointing to use. I have wanted to try rosewater as a spritz because people always raving about how good it is however this mist did nothing for me. It says in fine mist but I felt like it didn’t hydrate or do anything to my skin. I won’t repurchase


Face masks & Eye Masks

a lot of sheet masks : first up, my fav [amazon_textlink asin=’B076WWSXZY’ text=’Nip Fab Extreme Glycolic Fix Bubble Sheet mask’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’sarahfynn-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’9e6a7f5f-65dc-11e8-85f4-a3756c2ea27d’]. This has 2% glycolic acid (I’m not sure why it’s called extreme) & charcoal. This mask leaves the skin smooth and so radiant. Perfect for travelling! Sephora Pineapple face mask– I think this is one of the newer ones as I had never seen this before. This smells amazing! Great quality and of course added hydration to my skin. The pineapple mask is for pore perfecting and smoothing and I must say my skin did look smooth afterwards! I want more! Skin Republic Purifying bubble mask with charcoal– this is very similar to the Nip fab one but this foams up a lot more. This one has fruit acids instead of glycolic acid. I really liked this one too. It left my skin clean and fresh. I got this as a gift with purchase from Superdrug and it’s something I would get. It’s another great travel companion. 2 Real Essence Mask Jluna [amazon_textlink asin=’B075DW2PNN’ text=’sheet masks’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’sarahfynn-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’cf14b00a-65dc-11e8-a29a-33cd99930c16′] (check out the Amazon K beauty haul here). I used the Collagen & Aloe sheet masks- again great for hydration and good quality masks. Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Eyepatch x2– I like this as it hydrates the under eye area but it also targets the brow area but this darn this is difficult to put on. The eye-opening is small so I end up cutting this and applying it in 2 parts. Sephora Shea Lip mask– my first time ever trying a lip mask and gurl I am hooked! This one smells amazing and it’s a flimsy thin gel-like texture sheet that you leave on the lips. It left my lips so soft and hydrated and the next day I could exfoliate them so easily and all the dead skin came off! I would buy again! Finally the Sephora Almond Foot mask (you would think there is a Sephora in the UK lol), this is my first ever foot mask and I enjoyed the experience. Its weird at first because its like wearing wet socks but the Almond mask smells amazing and leaves the skin soft. No more cracked heels!

Other bits & bobs

ESPA Restorative body oil– I used this in my African black soap mix. Not sure if it’s made a difference. No7 Lift & Luminate Day Cream– I am so glad this nonsense is over. Who puts silver shimmer in a day cream? Clearly No7 because that’s what they did with this, I know it says illuminate but c’mon! (GOB Bluth voice) SPF and shimmer? It left a weird silver/ashy cast on my skin and to make matter s worst it actually didn’t moisturise my skin but left it feeling sticky. It kinda felt ‘heavy’ on my skin too. In the end I was using this as SPF for my hands lol. I was gifted this and I am happy I didn’t spend money on it! Carmex Lip Balm– my 1stever Carmex and I love it! it actually moisturises the lips and the tingling sensation is a bonus! Gucci Bamboo Perfume– I really liked this and it was my everyday scent. I am quickly running out of perfume so I do need to purchase another one soon. L’Oréal Infallible Fixing mist– I got this as part of my drugstore makeup setting spray challenge! Check out the review hereNair Tough Hair Removal Cream– this works but do not attempt to use this on short stubble hair. So I was using this on my thighs right but I had stubble on my legs, it wasn’t noticeable but I thought since I’m here lol I may as well use some on my legs. 2 mins later my legs were itching SO BAD I had to wash it off lol. no irritation or burns but the itchiness was too much lol. Finally a hair conditioner– I dyed my wig and came in the box dye

Total count in May- 24

Total so far- 130/250

Not bad at all! I’m so happy I have kept up with this challenge! This is actually helping me use up stuff and I can see a reduction in my collection! I’m also happy to report I didn’t buy much in May! Just a refill for my SPF! And a Glycolic cleanser from Pixi but I used a gift card for that so it cost me nothing!

Looking forward to June!

Catch you later


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