Ultimate Empties Challenge- April

Hey hey how’s everyone doing! April felt like the longest month yet but it’s ok because it was my birthday month! Thanks to all who wished me a happy one!

At last, the end of the month came and it’s time for another instalment in the ultimate empties challenge! Let’s get to in

Cleansers & Toners

Two face wipes- Boots Cleansing wipes for normal skin and one for dry skin. These wipes are rubbish but the worst of the two is definitely the wipes for dry skin (pink pack). They are super moist I can give them that but it doesn’t take off makeup properly, more like pushes it around my face. And I have to use quite a few to take off even the most basic of makeup. When I go in to wash my face after these wipes, the residue is almost like I didn’t even try to take the makeup. It was only £1 but I definitely won’t repurchase. They are better wipes available. ESPA hydrating floral mist – I love this mist! This mist was basically free as I used a discount code that came in the YOU Christmas advent calendar last year. This mist leaves my skin hydrated and glowing and it sprays in a fine mist. It doesn’t clog pores or highlight texture and after it dries my skin doesn’t feel or look tight. I would repurchase this. The ‘botanical’ scent isn’t the greatest but since its very effective, I can overlook that. PIXI Glow tonic– this is probably my 3 or 4th bottle of this stuff. I love the glow tonic and I have even purchased the 500ml size! 5% AHA that is gentle on the skin smells great and is effective!


Face Masks, Eye Masks & Sheet Masks

I had a few masks with tiny amounts left so for April I set out to finish them.  I finished the Mary Kay Timewise Radiance Peel which is a lovely AHA mask.  Glamglow Youthmud– probably my favourite mask of all time. It tings and tightens whilst drying but results are smooth skin and no pores! I love using this for prep for events, before & after holidays and even as a spot treatment. It’s a hefty price tag but I think it’s worth it. Also, I only buy Glamglow around Christmas because they have good value for money giftsets. The price is the same as a full-size mask but you also get 3 or 4 different travel size masks. I don’t know if this will work with sensitive skin as it does sting so please test patch first! Also, I won’t recommend using a harsh scrub before this. L’Oréal Pure Clay Mask, I have a full review of this mask here. Antonia Burrell Mask Supreme 7 in 1 mask– I got this sample in a goody bag at the brown beauty skincare masterclass ( the event was fab btw) it’s a creamy mask, easy to put on and spread. I think the most benefit I got from this was hydration but nothing else. The sample only lasted 2 applications so maybe the other benefits are accumulative. I used another Soap & Glory eye patchTony Moly Panda’s Dream Eyepatch x2– I like this as it hydrates the under eye area but it also targets the brow area but this darn this is difficult to put on. The eye-opening is small so I end up cutting this and applying it in 2 parts. It’s Skin Aloe Sheet Mask– with the success of the It’s skin serums (review on BBT) I decided to try their sheet masks. This aloe mask is for calming and moisture and I must say it did a great job of hydrating. The sheet mask itself feels great and good quality and it isn’t overtly soaked in serum. The openings were on the smaller side but the mask did fit my face. My skin was left soft and hydrated. [amazon_textlink asin=’B075DW2PNN’ text=’Jluna Real Essence Cucumber sheet mask’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’sarahfynn-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’d8e091d0-4e31-11e8-b2c0-ad47357d21f8′]- I purchased this from Amazon and it’s the 1st one I have used from the pack. This smells of real cucumber and is for moisture. Again another mask I am impressed with! Can’t wait to play around with all the others. (Check out my K beauty haul here)

Creams & Serums

Garnier Moisture Bomb SPF 10 day cream, my full review of this is on BBT. A huge disappointment for me, I expected a lot from this as I love Garnier. The Body Shop Drops of Light Skin Defence SPF 50– honestly the best sunscreen I have used for dark skin. Extremely lightweight and transparent plus it doesn’t clog pores and no flashback! It’s my 2nd bottle and I have a 3rd on the way! (I have discovered two more invisible sunscreens but I am yet to test them out) The BodyShop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser– a lightweight gel like textured cream it was good for a little hydration but it doesn’t offer a huge amount. It did leave my skin looking more radiant as I continued to use it. I received this as a gift a while back but it’s something I won’t purchase. Finally, I finished the Boots Botanics Radiance concentrate. I have a full review here

Hair care

I’m seriously slacking when it comes to hair product empties, I only have two this month.  Aphogee Deep Moisture Shampoo– one of my best shampoos! This is great for finger detangling and adding moisture to the hair. I can always count on this when my hair is super dry! Curls unleashed Intense Hair conditioner– I like this conditioner but I am not a huge fan of the scent. It smells almost medicinal. It works well to condition my 4c hair but I wish it has a little more slip to use.



So a second mini challenge is to finish at least 1 lipstick lol but I don’t think I will get there anytime soon. I have 3 empties this month. The Pixi Glow Mist– I have a full review on this here. I have already repurchased this. Barry M Original Primer– I bought and review this ages ago as part of the drugstore primer series. Check that out here. I do love this primer and I will repurchase just not now as I have a few to get through. SmashBox Photofinish Primer Water– so the first time I used this, I hated it! I thought it clogged my pores and highlighted texture on my face but I was wrong (my skincare routine was pretty much non-existent then). Using it again now, I can say it doesn’t clog pores or highlight texture. I don’t use this as a primer, but as a first mist to take away excess powder. It doesn’t leave a dewy finish and it also has the tendency to dry in patches. With this bottle, I noticed it doesn’t work well when it’s continuously pumped so I find I have to mist slowly and press it fully to get a good even mist. I thought it was ok but not enough to buy a full sized bottle. I got this in a gift set with 2 other primers around Christmas time.



My OG fav perfume- Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Love this perfume.. Another perfume, YSL Mon Paris I’m actually down to my last 5 perfumes and I suspect 1 of them will be done in May as well.



2x large cotton padsVaseline deodorant and Soap & Glory Flake away body scrub

Total – 28

The challenge is going well, I now have 106/250 and I can honestly see a difference in my storage space.  I am also happy to report I didn’t buy a lot in April, in terms of beauty products!

I’m looking forward to May!

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