Updated Spring Morning Skincare Routine

Hey guys!

It’s April which means the countdown to my birthday!!!!!! I’m so excited!

So I have switched up my products in my morning routine and I thought it would be a good idea to share which new products I am using and why. Hopefully, if you are looking for something new to try, you can gain some inspiration from this. I never thought I would really switch up products for seasons but as I have learnt more about skincare and my skin, I find myself doing this more often and I think you should too. Without further ado, here is my updated spring morning skincare routine. I have written this in the order I use the products

Above is a picture of all the products I use in the mornings. Expect my cleanser is not pictured. I use African Black Soap to cleanse my face in the mornings. I love how it feels and I feel like it really cleans my pores and removes all the products from the night before. I don’t find African black soap drying, I think my skin is used to it but I know some people do. I get mine straight from the motherland Ghana but there are some available on Amazon [amazon_textlink asin=’B01FENIOWS’ text=’too’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’sarahfynn-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’e9f89534-35e7-11e8-8e7c-455f3635aae5′]

Toner- [amazon_textlink asin=’B01GBOL4QC’ text=’BodyShop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’sarahfynn-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’1595be2e-35e8-11e8-968a-91af3bbcbf90′]

I switched to this as I wanted to incorporate more antioxidants in my morning skincare routine and also focus on moisture. I like this toner, I feel like it adds some hydration and it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin. It dries fairly quickly too. I haven’t experienced any irritation from using it. it doesn’t clog pores.

Spritz- Espa Hydrating Floral Spa fresh Spritzer

I am new to the Espa brand and I got this free courtesy of the You Beauty Advent Calendar last year. It came with a discount code of £20 off a purchase and this was £20. I am not a huge fan of the scent, it’s pleasant but not my favourite. I LOVE how fine this spritz comes out and how it leaves my skin. Hydrated and glowing! The mist doesn’t clog my pores and also dries fairly quickly. I mist generously all over my face, chest and neck. It doesn’t leave my skin sticky too. I love using this for a boost f hydration after the toning step and especially after acid toning in the evenings. This mist doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and its great base for layering skincare products

Essence- BodyShop Drops of Light Essence Lotion

Following my success with the Drops of Light serum, I wanted to try this essence too. I got this in their 40% sale and it’s a very new addition in my routine. The texture is more of a gel than a lotion nevertheless it feels very light on the skin. I added this step for hydration as I wasn’t getting enough from my day cream but to treat my pigmentation too. I am also thinking of swapping my morning serum back to the drops of light serum and use that combo to see the results I get.. Hmmm

Serum- Boots Botanics Radiance Concentrate

I feel like this serum doesn’t do much. Doesn’t really hydrate my skin and I haven’t noticed any improvements either. I used to like this before but I can’t remember why. Anyway, I have added this to my morning routine (and evenings too) just so I can get rid of it. This leaves the skin a tad bit sticky but it doesn’t clog my pores.

Antioxidant- The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%

This is the main star of my morning routine. I have been reading about antioxidants and their benefits for the skin so I have been eager to try some. A good antioxidant will add an additional layer of protection from UVA/UVB and protect against environmental aggressors too. You’ve seen all these new products for ‘anti-pollution’, you don’t need that. Get some antioxidants in your skincare plus SPF and you’re sorted!

Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%is a high potency antioxidant formula combined at high concentrations. These are two well-known antioxidants and well researched. I mix a few drops with my day cream. The texture of this is super light and it feels like a dry oil although its oil free. It doesn’t add any moisture/hydration when used alone again as the formula is water free. It does leave my skin looking luminous though. I haven’t experienced any irritation and it doesn’t clog pores. I can’t say I have noticed any improvements in my skin yet but I know with continued use I will reap some benefits.

Day Cream- Body Shop Vit C Glow-Boosting moisturiser

This gel-like day cream is super light and sinks quickly into the skin. It offers some hydration but it’s not long lasting in my opinion, hence my prep with the previous products to hydrate my skin.  It’s very lightweight and although I haven’t seen a lot of improvement in terms of glow-boosting, my skin does look healthier. I use quite a bit of this mixed with a few drops of the antioxidant. Vitamin c is also an antioxidant and it’s known for its brightening properties so I think I have a good mixture of antioxidants for the morning that will help protect my skin throughout the day. I wish the cream did offer more hydration or moisture. Again no irritation or clogged pores with the Glow-Boosting moisturiser. Between this and their SPF 30 Glow Protect lotion, I prefer the later as it’s more emollient and offers better moisture

SPF- The BodyShop Drops of Light Essence SPF 50

SPF is the most important step of your morning routine and there not a day that goes by that I leave my house with it, no matter the season! If you’re not protecting your skin but using all these bioactive ingredients you are essentially wasting your time and potentially causing more damage! Why? It’s simple, the sun’s UVB/UVA rays cause damage to the skin and ingredients like retinol and AHA/BHA make your skin more prone to sun damage. I LOVE this SPF from the BodyShop for a lot of reasons. 1. it’s so light and skins into the skin with ease. Higher SPF’s tend to be oiler but this isn’t. It’s a beautiful featherweight texture. 2. No white/silver cast! Do you know how difficult it is for dark to find a higher SPF without looking like casket ready? Aka ashy?! This one leaves no white cast and I can happily use this as my final step without the need to ‘blend’ it in my skin with extra cream/powder. 3. It doesn’t clog pores or leave a greasy residue. This is thanks to its lightweight texture I mentioned earlier.

My next step for SPF is to find a suitable one, preferably a mist that I can use during the day for reapplication. Technically I can use this SPF but I would prefer something in a mist form so I don’t have to go and wash my hands first then reapply the cream. I would love to try the mineral/powder sunblocks but hunny those don’t come in my shade

That’s all folks! An extensive post on my updated morning routine. I wanted to explain why I chose and use each product and how they all fit together nicely into a routine. Obviously, all these products are catered to my skin type and concern: normal to combo-oily skin with hyperpigmentation, so I have no doubt if you have something similar these will work for you too. With the exception of (let’s say) the SPF, research other products/ingredients depending on your skin type/issue. Always feel free to message me if you need any help

I hope this post wasn’t too long and if it was you enjoyed it and learnt something new

Until later


Countdown to the big 25 begins

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