Ultimate Empties Challenge 2018

Happy New Year! 2018 wow! I am so looking forward to this year and I am ready to push myself to make my dreams happen! Remember 2018 will only be different if you change your input! I’m so ready

That aside let’s get into my first beauty challenge. I have to admit that I am a product junkie. I may just have a little more products than the average girl, ok so a lot more products but I am a beauty blogger so that’s my excuse! Sometimes I feel bad for wanting to try/buy new products because I simply do not have the space for it yet I wanna try it (nice problem to have right?) and chances are I have at least 3 similar products.

So in the latter part of 2017, I started to push myself to finish at least 12 products a month and I was pretty much successful with that so, me been Sarah Fynn, I decided to take things up a notch for 2018


Ultimate Empties Challenge 2018

For the year 2018, I want to finish 250 products by the end of it! Believe I have that many products smh. And I want these empties to be across my collection: skincare, makeup, haircare and body care and all sizes count: full size, travel and deluxe sample sizes

250 products works out to be about 21 products a month. I know I will get more or less each month but as long as I hit 250 by 31 Dec 2018 I would have reached my goal! I always share my empties on my Instagram so please follow me to see my progress! This empties challenge also means lots of reviews for you guys so I will basically be a haven for product reviews. I am also working on decluttering, the products I don’t use or doesn’t work for me, I either sell or giveaway to family & friends

I’m really excited about this challenge! And for 2018, who knows what will happen! Lots of projects and new challenges planned.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my followers’ and readers of my blog! Because of this, little ol me has learnt a lot and worked with some amazing brands and I will keep producing excellent content for you guys. I will be pushing and challenging my ideas and thoughts on beauty and everything sharing it so that you can benefit and hopefully start your own journey! We all gon glow up in 2018 and for life!


Catch you guys soon and again HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU

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Catch you soon


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