Boots No7 Makeup Rant!

Hey guys, I hope you guys are well! This post will be slightly different as I want to share my recent thoughts on Boots No7 Makeup! So if you follow my blog or Instagram you would know I am a huge fan of No7 skincare and their beauty advent calendars! I got the calendar last year and was impressed by it so I purchased it this year too.

This year’s calendar honestly has been hit and miss for me, I have had a bunch of repeat products from last year but that’s not why I am ranting today. I am ranting today because, in this year’s calendar, you get a No7 voucher for matching you to your ‘perfect’ bronzer shade. I think you already know where this is going

I get my voucher and go to the store and show the lady the card, the No7 rep actually looked petrified to see me there. Right away she says ‘I’m really sorry but for you the shades will be too light and better of as a face powder’ then some sad story of how another woman some time ago who was working at another counter used it as a face powder. They have 3 shades (yes 3) and the darkest one she pointed out was SO light and ashy that even as a face powder or under eye setting powder, it WON’T work. I said no thanks and just left. The gag is and what is really getting on my nerves is the fact that No7 recently partnered with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (I love her books!) who is a black woman with dark skin as part of their No7 perfect match foundations.


The thing is, as with a whole bunch of other brands, you have her in your foundation campaign but you don’t have a dark enough powder for her? So the point of that was? Plus the undertones for that foundation is hella ashy anyway! So many other brands hire dark skin models in a desperate but pathetic attempt at diversity & inclusivity, only to use them as mascara models because they know they don’t have a shade for them! Why is No7 advertising your perfect bronzer shade when they know that perfect shade match is for light, lighter, lightest, light-medium and all the other light skintones! Oh, wait they weren’t tryna market to us.. oh righttt, we are not their audience. My bad.

Yes, there has been progress in drugstore brands having more shades with some correct undertones but still a long way to go! I’m just waiting for Riri to come out with pressed/contour powders next! See my Fenty Beauty Post

So that No7 voucher is pretty much useless to me. And the calendar this year has many repeats, I won’t be purchasing next year. I can’t believe its 2017 and black girls can’t go into a store like Boots and see shades for them…..


Moving onnn, I guess I will take my coins elsewhere

That felt good to rant lol, I will be bad with some more positive beauty reviews of brands that are getting it right for us!




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