Ken Lo’s Memories of China Restaurant Review

Cuisine – Chinese

Food- 4/5      Service – 4/5       Ambience- 5/5       Value- 4/5

I had dinner at Ken Lo’s memories of China with Emma (hey girl) last month and I am happy to say I really really enjoyed the service and food. I don’t have a lot of Chinese restaurants on my list – infact this might be the only one but I made an exception for this as it had so many good reviews on TripAdvisor- where I get about 50% of my food restaurant recommendations, the other 50% is sheer curiosity, open table or word of mouth.

I arrived for dinner and was seated straight away, the restaurant was empty with the exception of a couple of diners. I was given the menu a bowl of prawn crackers and some water. Emma arrived shortly after and after debating on what to get for a while, we decided to have the steamed salmon with oyster sauce, Peking fried lamb with spring onion with seasonal Chinese veg (bok Choy) egg fried and steamed rice. We didn’t wait too long for the food to arrive. By now the restaurant was fairly busy with a lot more dinners, I guess we arrived a little early for dinner service

The food was so flavoursome and I could tell the difference between good quality Chinese and your usual takeaway. It tasted freshly made, I mean I didn’t think egg fried rice could taste that good lol. The lamb wasn’t over cooked-it wasn’t chewy or tough and the salmon was beautifully cooked. We both enjoyed the bok choy too. The waiters checked on us a few times during the meal and topped up our glasses of water. We didn’t have to wait too long for our table to be cleared and a new tablecloth was put over our soiled one that’s excellent customer service!  We didn’t get any desserts because it was simply fruit and ice cream.

Verdict- this Chinese may cost you £30 upwards but I think for the service and quality of food you get, it’s worth it. I would have liked a little bit more of the rice but I think the portion of the meats was just enough. It’s a lovely restaurant just off Victoria station with good food, good service and lovely decor. Beware though, you will be charged a cover charge when dining here. I found that annoying lol but what can you do lol.

I must apologise for the blurry picture I didn’t notice until now!

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Catch you later

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