Honest Burgers Restaurant Review

Cuisine- Burgers

Overall- 4/5    Food- 4/5   Service-4/5     Ambience-5/5 Value-4/5

On my list of 100 restaurants, I have a few burger joints that supposedly do proper burgers for a reasonable price. So when I was craving a proper burger I was looking through the list to find something close by. We found an Honest Burger branch in Tooting which is close by so we decided to pop in for a quick visit. I didn’t even know HB had places in south London! Let alone Brixton and Peckham no shade lol. On the Sunday night we went, it was super busy when we got there but they were able to seat us within 5-10 mins. It’s a small joint, probably 50- 60 people at capacity. I liked our seats it was a little off the main dining area and right in front of the kitchen. We did have to wait a while for our order to be taken but our drinks came soon after we ordered. They had a ‘bacon tribute’ special on so I had the Bacon Tribute Burger (well done) which came with bacon ketchup, bacon gravy and rosemary salted chips. He had the Tribute Burger (also well done) with rosemary salted chips.

We had the BBQ chicken wings for starter. It was generous portion about 6 or 7 maybe even 8 as I took 3 home. Thank God the wings weren’t swimming in sauce lol! The chicken itself was seasoned (phew) too. It wasn’t too sweet and tangy but it wasn’t smoky either; just a good balance. I thought my burger was good but it was a little dry. I don’t think there was enough bacon ketchup in it( now review the pic , it definitely wasn’t enough!) and I couldn’t taste the smoked cheddar that was in it. I love smoky bacon was it’s no surprise I liked the bacon… I never had bacon gravy so I tried it since it came with my burger.  It was ok but it was too salty for my liking. My rosemary salted chips (they only do rosemary salted chips) were crunchy and actually really nice seeing I detest rosemary lol. His burger was good and we both liked the chipotle mayo he ordered. The burger though won’t make it into his top 5.


Verdict -I can’t fault the restaurant on service. End of the meal and the waiter he comes over to apologise for the madness that happened. At one point, because we were so close to the till and kitchen, all the delieveroo drivers were crowded behind us. I didn’t mind this tbh. I thought the staff handled it well. I would have liked to see some shakes on the menu or some dessert. I think their burgers were nice/ok, but certainly better than your average ones. Service was excellent and I was sad I couldn’t tip because I had no cash and they didn’t ask to add gratitude on the card machine! I would definitely go back for other burgers and maybe it have it medium well as my steaks

Another place off the 100 restaurants to visit list! Was this an honestly good burger? (see what I did there? Ok don’t mind me I’m hungry- the irony!) Honest Burgers in Tooting had good service and although the burgers we had were ok, I would go back to give them another chance! I see they have a new special on…..

I am wondering if you have visited Honest Burgers. Let me know of your experience too! Check out previous places I have been to eat here

More food to follow!



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