Top 3 Dark Spot Correctors and Brightening Serums

Hyperpigmentation is basically a fancy name for excess melanin production. I speak out this in great detail and how to effectively deal with it in this previous post: What is Hyperpigmentation and how to deal with it

With hyperpigmentation been my main and only skincare concern at the moment, I have dedicated a lot to learning about the issue and finding effective ways to combat it. I have used a fair share of lotions and potions that claim to brighten my skin and I have narrowed them down to 3. 3 serums that I feel has had the most impact on my skin.  I am hoping to share this with you guys and in doing so, inspire you to try them and hopefully experience the same good results I had with them.

About my skin

I have normal to combination oily skin type with hyperpigmentation. I’m lucky enough to have skin that isn’t easily irritated by a lot of products. I also want to mention in addition to using these serums, I was also using ( and still using ) Glycolic Acid toner (read about AHA’s here). I strongly believe this ingredient in addition to these serums gave me the best results. I must also strongly advise the use of SPF when using Glycolic Acid but you should be using SPF in general especially when you have hyperpigmentation ( I don’t think I will ever stop saying this: use your SPF!)

Top 3 serums

The BodyShop Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum- £26

I have a full review here. It’s amazing! The whole Drops of Light Collection from the BodyShop has been formulated to help you achieve luminous healthy skin.

The Body Shop Drops of Light Brightening Serum

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution – £37

It’s pricey but this is Kiehl’s we are talking about. The main ingredients in this are Activated C, White Birch and Peony. I have been using it for a while now and whilst in the 1st two weeks, I didn’t notice much of a difference, in the 4th week I started seeing more clarity in my skin. My skin although still, has some minor dark spots (and now a brand new fresh one lol) looked radiant and ‘clear’ I loved it! – It does say you see visible correction and clarity in the skin.  It had a lot to live up to because I used this right after I run out of the Body Shop serum and it hasn’t let me down. I will bring a full and more in-depth review once I finish the bottle but many months down the line and this serum is working wonders!

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA – £7

I have to admit I really didn’t think this did anything when I first started using it. But this little baby does stuff. Alpha Arbutin is highly effective for hyperpigmented skin. You should know of the Ordinary by now, I am sure you do and you know they don’t play at only £7 you have to try this out!


Extra tips

Glycolic Acid is the gold standard for hyperpigmented skin. By exfoliating and revealing fresh new skin cells you are encouraging healthier skin

SPF is the most important product you can add to your routine and if you haven’t started what are you waiting for! Even without using all these serums, adding SPF alone, cleansing and moisturising your skin will have you seeing a bit of improvement. I really can’t stress SPF use enough

Vitamin C tgo-to to for brightening dull complexions! My favourite ever is the one from the Body Shop and I am slowing going to use that forever and forever (once I finish all these day cream backups lol) check out my review on the Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 cream


That’s all folks, be sure to let me know if you pick any of these out. hyperpigmentation can be stressful to deal with but stay with your routine and keep learning about it and how to tackle it properly, I promise you  yu will see results soon


Have a great weekend!

Love Sarah

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