Introducing BioKari Ltd

Hey hey guys, I hope all is well. Today’s post is special, as I am introducing to you guys a new brand which looks very interesting and promising! Introducing BioKari Ltd, an online store that specialises in natural skin care and body care. But what’s so special about them? well, they just don’t sell the usual natural stuff e.g. shea butter, coconut oil etc. they take it a step further and make it easier by selling ‘kits’ or ‘recipes’ on which products you would like to try!

If you’re into your DIY body care products like I am (I love mixing shea butter, mango butter and monoi oil!), then you know there’s a ton of recipes out there containing different oils, butters, essential oils etc and sometimes you don’t even know which oils to use and why. You just see and do! Plus don’t forget the tools you will need too: empty containers, whisks etc. this is where BioKari steps in. they provide a ready to use box which has all the ingredients and tools* you will need for your natural skincare/ body care products! All you have to do is select the recipe you want to try online (they have a few) and wait for your box to be sent to you, then whisk away! I think this is a great service and has a lot of potential for future growth. It makes life easier, esp if you’re new to making your own products. Everything is pre measured and it comes with an instruction booklet.

With all this being said, it will be much better to show you an example box right?! Well when they contacted me, they also gave me a chance to pick my own box! After scrolling through the website and seeing a few recipes, I chose the Smoothie Orange Recipe Box

Smoothie Orange Recipe Box

They describe this as an ‘antioxidant elixir born of the richness of extreme hydration’ I chose this because I love the scent of orange essential oil and I have never tried carrot oil in any of my body butters so I thought I would give this a go. Here’s what came inside the box

100 grams Shea Butter

Carrot Oil

Coconut Oil

Orange essential oil

Empty pot for mixed product

Mini whisk

A blank label

I haven’t whisked my body butter yet but I can’t wait to do it and start using it! I will definitely bring you guys an updated post when I do this!

Thoughts on BioKari

I really think the box is a good idea! And great for beginners or anyone into DIY body care/skincare products. It is not a subscription service, it’s just a one of box you buy and get your ingredients for your product. I love that they have both skincare and body care boxes but I would love to see some more recipes featuring different natural butters like cocoa butter or avocado butter but I understand this is a new brand and they are just starting out!

My box came well packaged, my oils were individually wrapped so I had no issues with spilling. The set of instructions are easy to follow and they also contain info on hygiene, allergies and how to store the product.

BioKari is based in France to the best of my knowledge so the website is in French when you first visit it but there is an English menu as well.

Recipe boxes are currently on sale for £20

*tools- they provide a mini whisk but I know some people find it easier to use an electric hand mixer.

For more info on the brand or to make a purchase please visit the BioKari website

For more info on natural products, read my post on the amazing African Black Soap


Catch you soon



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