The BodyShop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser SPF30 Review


I knew I had to incorporate Vitamin C in my skincare regime as I started learning more about skincare and hyperpigmentation. You see, Vitamin C works to brighten dull skin and with hyperpigmentation that’s exactly what I needed but I really didn’t want to start messing around with Vitamin C until I was fully confident I knew enough about it. Enter the Body Shop’s Vitamin C range. It’s full of a bunch of products and The Bodyshop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser SPF30 caught my eye so I decided to go with it

The BodyShop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser SPF30, now called Glow Protect Lotion is a daily moisturiser with SPF 30. It enhances dull skin, hydrates and gives a healthy glow to the skin. it also softens and smooths the skin


The BodyShop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser SPF30 aka Glow Protect Lotion has been my go to moisturiser when I travel. This is because it has SPF 30 which means I don’t need to pack extra sunscreen (saves me in the space in my liquid allowance). I decided to use it last month or 2 months ago as my everyday moisturiser to introduce my skin to Vitamin C on a daily basis.

The glow protect lotion has the same great scent orangey scent like the Skin Reviver and the Vit C face mist( which I also love). It feels somewhat light weight and immediately leaves your skin glowing. I noticed it when I use a lot of the moisturiser, I start to sweat lol. I don’t know why. I have noticed over the last months of using this daily, my skin looks brighter and its glowing, which is why I am really enjoying going makeup free to work.

It really leaves my skin moisturised and it lasts all day. My skin feels soft and smooth and it looks healthier too. I love the added SPF protection so I don’t have to use additional sunscreen in the mornings. From time to time, during the day and if it’s really sunny, I will ‘top up’ sun protection with a face mist. Although it’s SPF 30, it doesn’t leave a white cast on my skin. I don’t think it clogs pores but something about it makes them a little bit more visible in my opinion esp. when I use a lot of it. It layers well on top of my Boots hydration burst serum and great underneath the Vit C skin reviver.

Verdict- I have had backups of this moisturiser because I love it for travelling but after using it on a daily basis now, I think I am going to stick to using it as my daily moisturiser as well ( I just need to finish all the other lotions/creams I have which will take a while! Lol). It’s been a great way to add Vitamin C to my regimen and I am already seeing great results! It has left my skin healthier and brighter and the added SPF is a huge bonus! I think for the price you pay its good value for money! I am definitely buying some more of this! I already have a new one in my collection

The BodyShop Vitamin C Glow Protect Lotion is £15 at

P.S- if you are thinking of trying anything from the BodyShop, it’s worth signing up for their newsletter or keeping an eye on the website. Why? Because they usually have great deals like £25 off £50 and £10 off £25. Yes, it doesn’t include some of their more ‘premium’ products but all the old ranges like Vit C, Vit E etc are included in the deal so it’s definitely worth waiting for. Tbh, most if not all of the times I have purchased at The BodyShop, I have used one of these deals!





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