Discovering London: Summer 2017

I’m all about experiences! Because they give you memories you cherish forever! Share that experience with a friend or loved one and you instantly build your friendship/relationship. Savour that experience by yourself and you have just gained a little bit more self-confidence and you can be proud of yourself. (I remember when I went to the cinema alone, I was so proud of myself and it was a big deal because I was one of those people who thought going to the cinema alone was ‘sad’ anyway)

Since I’m all about experiences, I like to spend time looking around for new events/activities etc in and around London. Because the norm of cinema or clubbing or restaurants (unless it’s discovering new places to eat and diff foods to try in that case yes. I myself have a list of 100 restaurants to try in London*) gets boring sometimes and I HATE with a passion routines/repetition unless it’s my skincare/hair routine lol but even that if it aint working it gotta go! I thought I would share a few fun and different activities I have discovered and hopefully these give you some ideas to go out and discover London! Summer 2017 is about to get hotter! Click on the headings to go to the websites for more info. I have also added my insider tips to help you make the most of out of your experience

Street Feast

I can’t exactly remember how I discovered Street Feast last year but I’m so glad I did. 4 night food markets around London (Lewisham, Canary Wharf, Shoreditch, Canada Water) with excellent street food and drinks and nothing but good vibes! The latest one in Canary Wharf, Giant Robot is a nice rooftop experience and it’s definitely one to check out!

Free entry before 7pm or £3 after 7pm and open till late

Insider tip- make sure you take lots of cash as some vendors do not have card machines! Make sure you stop by YUM BUM too.


Urban Food Fest

Another one for the foodies! If Street Feast has made you curious about night food markets then Urban Food Fest is another to visit! One location is Shoreditch but lots of vendors and drinks to get you started!

Free entry and open till late

Insider tip- don’t leave without dessert!


Monument Steps

If you love a challenge, why not climb the Monument steps?! 311 steps up and down and a very narrow winding path BUT you will be rewarded with nice views of London. You may break a sweat but gain for your step count( if you’re obsessed like me and keep track of it which reminds me I need to get a FIT BIT Plus what’s the point of walking if you can’t keep count lool)

£5 entry or £3.30 with student card

Insider Tip- the steps are narrow and it’s only one way up and down. Go early if you want to avoid congestion. Wear comfy shoes!


Further afield: British Airways i360 in Brighton

This is definitely worth a trip to Brighton! After/ before hitting the beach, make sure you get tickets for the British Airways i360. It’s the world’s tallest observation tower and you get 360 (breath-taking) views of the South coast! Honestly, if you thought the Cable Car in London was nice, wait till you see this one!

£14.40 online ticket in advance or £12.15 with a student card

Insider tip- you can get a glass of bubbly or tea inside. Once up, it stays there for a while, giving you time to savour the views. Imagine this at night and a proposal awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Also, go on a clear day when you can see everything it has to offer


Pizza Express Live

Ok so I haven’t been here yet but I am planning to. Very soon. I love Pizza Express (Thank you 02 Priority deals lol) so naturally, after discovering this when walking through the back streets of Soho with Yass (shout out!) we bought decided to visit it very soon. They combine live jazz and pizza plus a few drinks, what’s there not to love?

Buying tickets for a show automatically reserves a table for you. The full Pizza Express menu is available

Insider tip- since the full menu is available, try the ‘American Hottest Pizza’ oh and the Dough Balls (you may want to get the bigger portion- these are seriously moreish!)

That’s all folks! Let me know what you think of these suggestions and if you visit them too! Catch me on insta as I try to review the restaurants and places I go to but more so for beauty tips lol

I hope everyone has a great summer and MAKE SURE you try something different! Gain the experience, you will cherish it forever!


Now to beat my face for AJ birthday dinner

Happy belated Birthday Girl!

More posts like this to come soon


*my list of 100 restaurants came about one afternoon when I was bored so I decided to challenge myself and visit 100 different restaurants in the city which have been highly/good rated on TripAdvisor! I want to say I will review them on my blog but I would be lying and my vocabulary when it comes to food is disgustingly limited lool. I mean if the food is nice what more is there to say… for restaurant reviews or ideas just follow me on my insta where I will (try) to post each meal and comment on the food and service etcccc. And oh I started the list summer 2016. so far I have 30 down, 70 to go then a whole new list!

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