DHC Make Off Sheet Review

Face wipes, you either love them or hate them: some say they don’t work and only push makeup further into the skin whilst others can’t live without them. I really like using face wipes- I find them easier and quicker to use and I always reach for them when travelingg or for my lazy skincare routines. I got the DHC Make Off Sheet wipes a while back and I have been testing them out for a few weeks now.

DHC Make Off Sheet is 100% natural cotton sheets that remove makeup, tone and moisturise the skin in one step.


The DHC Make Off sheets comes in a cute flip-top plastic box and are a little bit smaller than your average face wipe but no less effective! You get 50 sheets in each pack.

The sheets are super ‘moist’ and super effective when removing your makeup! They are excellent for mascara, foundations and liquid lipsticks as well. I use two sheets for my face and neck and surprisingly the small sheets take off a lot of makeup.

DHC Make Off sheets leave little to no residue. I follow the double cleansing method when taking off my makeup and I hardly have any makeup left on my face when I go in to wash my face. They don’t sting my eyes or dry out my skin. The wipes come in a small pouch which then comes in the flip top box. I have taken mine out of the plastic box (because I will use that for something else later lol) however the wipes are still super moist.

Verdict- I am super impressed with these Make Off Wipes from DHC. This will be my second product from DHC and I am very happy with them. Whatever the DHC Make Off wipes lack in size, they make up for in effectiveness. They are very effective against makeup and provide deep cleansing to leave little to no residue behind.

It’s also excellent value for money, you get 50 sheets which will last for some time. Are these my favorite face wipes ever? No, but they are very good and I will definitely recommend them.

Find the DHC Make Off Sheet on FeelUnique for £8.75

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It’s the 2nd half of the year already!



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