Boots All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum Review


The Botanics range from Boots have some of the best drugstore skincare products. so far from the range, I have tested the Boots Botanics Micellar Water which I absolutely LOVE and recently posted a full review on their Day & Night Creams. Today’s post however will be on their All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum which I have been using for a while, infact I’m on my second bottle.

The Boots All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum as with other products in the All Bright Collection features natural AHA’s that have been extracted from the Hibiscus flower. This gives it its mild exfoliation action (read all about AHA’s here). Boot’s promise an energised and visible glow from alight weights serum that is easily absorbed


Its recommended 2-3 drops morning & night followed their All bright day or night cream. I used it as recommended till I run out of the creams lol. The serum is clear, super lightweight and has little to almost no scent at all. I find it sinks quickly into my skin after application.

The serum leaves my skin feeling soft but I don’t really experience any hydration or moisturising benefits from it. It doesn’t claim to do any of those though. It’s also non sticky. With regards to brightening my skin, I can’t say I have noticed a difference in my skintone but there is an immediate ‘glow’ after application which is expected anyway with anything you put on.

The packaging is lovely, for a £2.50 serum, the frosted glass and dropper (that works!) is a huge bonus. The simple packaging with the white details makes it look more expensive that the actual price


I have had no problems with the serum- no irritation, no breakouts & it layers well underneath my moisturiser and other bits of my morning routine. I would have liked to feel some moisture after application but I’m not mad at it for not doing that either. It didn’t clog my pores

For £2.50 it’s a nice serum although for me I didn’t experience its main claim of brightening my skin. I have 1 more backup of this but afterwards I probably won’t repurchase

Boots All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum is £2.50 from Boots

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