Stella by Stella McCartney


It’s finally summer!

It’s plain and simple, I love perfumes! The ‘sweeter’ the scent the better although I’m branching out lately and venturing into other scents. At any point in time, I have 5 perfumes on my list of perfumes to get even though I probably don’t need it. But today is not about my perfume obsession, today’s post is all about a new perfume (cough) to my collection, the Stella EDP by Stella McCartney I was sent a few weeks ago.

The Stella perfume has been around since 2003 and was the first fragrance by the designer Stella McCartney and was relaunched in 2014. Whilst the classic scent remained unaltered, the design and sizes were changed. Stella (2.0) as I call it pays homage to women & femininity and its scent is described by the designer as ‘approachable & enduring’

Stella’s Notes

Top Notes- Rose, Peony, Mandarin

Middle- Rose

Base- Woody, Amber

Perfume lovers are probably nodding and others are probably thinking what perfume notes are?

Perfume Notes Summary

Top notes- basically your 1st impression of a perfume and one you notice immediately after spraying. Also, the 1st note to fade

Middle/heart notes- after 1st notes fade, middle notes are ones you smell next. They are longer lasting and generally smell very pleasant

Base notes- the scent that last fades and usually combines with the middle notes for as the main scent of a perfume

For the Stella perfume, you notice both the middle & top notes are Rose hence it’s what you will first smell and linger for a while. (Therefore if you LOVE rose scents, this perfume is an absolute must have and if you don’t then you know what to do)

I’m not the biggest fan of rose scents although anything woody or with amber I love. I noticed this with most of the perfumes I have, most of the base notes are woody/amber. I do like this perfume however because after wearing it for a while, I love the scent more (aka top notes fade). I have worn this almost every day since I got it, switching between it and other perfume for everyday/work wear.


Stella is both available in EDP & EDT with the later characterized by a pink bottle. Both the EDP & EDT are available in 30, 50 & 100ml sizes.

EDP will generally last longer than EDT as they are more concentrated (8-15%) than EDT’s (4-8%). Where possible I like to get EDP unless I’m been frugal LOL


Verdict– easy wear perfume that is suitable for most occasions: from everyday to special dinners and celebrations. A must if rose scents are your thing! if you love woody notes in perfumes you could also give this a try.

Available from

STELLA by Stella McCartney is available from John Lewis, The Perfume Shop, Boots and other retailers.

Prices start from £44 for 30ml EDP in Boots

Let me know if you guys love perfume reviews because I can bring you loadsssssssss

Have a good evening/morning/afternoon (delete as appropriate)



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