Look Good Feel Better Makeup Brushes Review

I was first introduced to Look Good Feel Better Makeup Brushes in the M&S Advent Calendar last year( SO WORTH IT!) I got the mini powder brush which I really like. I was looking for affordable makeup brushes when I went away in February because I forgot to pack enough lol so when I came across this brush set in Boots I had to pick it up! P.S- I think this particular set is sold out as it was on offer when I got it (£12.99) but you can still pick up the brushes individually and there’s a similar set available too. I will leave a few links below

Look Good Feel Better is a charity that supports women with cancer. Please take a look at their website for more information about the charity and the cause behind these brushes. Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better Makeup Brushes Review

In my brush set, I got the Powder Brush, Multi-tasking Brush, Finishing Brush, Detailed Brush & the Tapered Blending Brush. They also came with a cute travel pouch (not pictured here because I didn’t remember I even had it until now lol). The brushes are all made with synthetic bristles.

Powder Brush

Look Good Feel Better Makeup Brushes Review

The Powder Brush is slightly pointy and I love using this brush for sweeping away my under eye setting powder. The slight point of the brush allows it to get into that area with ease. I also use it for all over face powder. It works well with loose or pressed powders. No shedding so far from this brush

Multi-tasking Brush

On the LGFB website, they say you can use it brush for a few different things- contour, brush, powder. I love how dense the brush is and how soft the bristles are. I have only used it for applying powder contour. Because it’s not fluffy, it allows precise product placement and blends powders so well. Not shedding from this brush too

Look Good Feel Better Makeup Brushes Review

Finishing Brush

The duo fiber finishing brush is probably one of my fav in the set. I LOVE it for applying foundations- it blends like a dream and gives an airbrush effect. I also like to use it ‘clean’ as a second brush to further blend my foundation and highlighted areas. I have had a few hairs shed, maybe 1 or 2 the 1st time I washed it but none after that

Look Good Feel Better Makeup Brushes Review

Detailed & Tapered Blending Brush

The detailed brush is dense and pointed and excellent for smudging the lower lash line or applying colour in the inner corners of the eyes. I love the Tapered Blending Brush- it’s light and fluffy and perfect for blending out crease colours


These makeup brushes saved my life during my trip and they were super affordable too. The brushes are well made and feel very luxurious. I love the handles too, the glossy black finish and long handles make them look more expensive than they actually are. Finally, they have the brush names on them which are a huge bonus. Makeup up for a good cause and I am happy my purchase is going to do something worthwhile.

As I said previously, I can’t seem to find the exact brush set I purchased, however, a similar brush set is available on the M&S website for £25.00. They have more brush sets, sponges and individual brushes too. Check them out here

I have a few more makeup brushes reviews coming your way, stay tuned for those! Until then makeup sure to catch me on insta for more beauty related tips. Insta- Sarah Fynn

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Catch you later


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