NEW Primark Makeup Brushes Review

I did a review on some Primark Makeup Brushes last year and it has been one of my most popular posts!. I decided to go back to Primark and pick up some more brushes as they had released some new ones and changed the hardware on them. I picked up the Fan Brush, Tapered Powder Brush, Angled Powder Brush and Blush Brush. I have been using these brushes for a long time now except for the fan brushes which I picked up recently.

All the brushes are made with synthetic bristles

Fan Brush- £1.50

The latest addition to the Primark Makeup Brushes Collection! I have been looking for a fan brush for a very long time ( the Elf one is almost always sold out) and I knew it was only a matter of time Primark added this to their collection. I remember I would always check the brushes every time I went to Primark and few weeks ago they were there.. and almost sold out LOL. I picked up two straight away. For £1.50 you can’t go wrong and the bristles are very soft. They the job well and no shedding so far. I use them for applying powder highlighter. They pick up just enough product and blend very well.

Tapered Powder Brush & Angled Powder Brush- £1.50 each

I use these brushes for setting my contour areas- cheeks and forehead. I like these for the precision it gives when contouring. I have also used these for applying blush and they work great that way too. The Tapered Powder Brush also works for applying or dusting off under eye setting powder.

Blush Brush- £2.50

Great for powder blushes, the Primark Blush Brush is soft and fluffy and picks up colour well. I’m super happy with the brush although it’s the one I have had a bit of shedding from.


  • Budget friendly brushes- Eye brushes start from £1 and face brushes start from £1.50
  • A range of brushes to pick from
  • No colour runs or shedding.
  • Well made- handles are still intact from numerous washes
  • Synthetic bristles


Two things I don’t like about the brushes, not a massive deal and doesn’t really affect the quality of the brushes

  1. The packaging- each brush comes in a flat ‘ziplock’ style packet so instead of the brushes been fluffy when you take them out, they are slightly ‘flat’. I noticed that esp for the blush & powder brushes so I had to slightly reshape them
  2. The brushes themselves don’t have names on them, it’s only on the packets so once you throw them away you are not quite sure which is which. It would be nice to have the names on them as well just to make life easier so you know which brush you’re picking up. ( I noticed the last time I went to Primark, they had the P.S Pro Makeup Brush range. These are slightly more expensive, packaged properly and have names on them. I may pick a few up for a review later)


The Primark Makeup Brushes are excellent value for money and with a huge variety to choose from, you can easily build your brush collection with very little costs! I definitely recommend these makeup brushes! Primark has also recently introduced a lot of double ended brushes which look great for travel- I may be picking up a few soon!

I’m sure you’ve seen those Oval Brushes floating around on Insta! Well, Primark have their own version and guess what, I have a review on that coming soon too! Infact a have quite a few makeup brush reviews coming your way.

Catch you later


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  1. Hey Sarah, I enjoyed reading this post. I have not purchased Primark brushes before, After reading your review I will definitely give them a try.




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