The Body Shop Drops of Light Brightening Serum Review

The Body Shop Drops of Light Brightening Serum

The BodyShop Drops Of Light collection has been formulated to brighten and even out skintone whilst effectively reducing dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is my only skin concern so I am always finding ways to heal my skin. I was on the market of brightening/ dark spot correctors and decided to try out the Body Shop Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum.

The Body Shop Drops of Light Brightening Serum is a lightweight serum which quickly sinks into the skin and it has been clinically proven to reduce the number and intensity of dark spots. TBS promise smoother, healthier looking skin with regular look and translucent skin with an even skin tone. They also say the serum will plump the skin with moisture.



I was very sceptical of this serum for a number of reasons when I first started using it. Firstly, it’s a water-based solution so it doesn’t have that serum like texture or consistency, it’s almost like putting water on your face. Furthermore, I didn’t get the ‘wow’ impression first couple of times I used it (you know how sometimes a product impresses you the 1st time round)

Anyway, I decided to keep using it because it was quite expensive and I hoped I would start seeing results soon. After 2 to 3 weeks of using the serum every night, I noticed my skin started to look brighter and more radiant. I had 3 dark spots on my cheeks and they started to fade as well. I’m now almost 5 weeks or more into the bottle and I must admit I am in love with this product! For women of colour including myself, a lot of us have slightly darker necks than our chest which makes it so difficult to match foundation urgh. I also use this serum on my neck and I have seen I improvements there as well.

I really love this serum, been a water solution it quickly sinks into the skin and immediately leaves a subtle glow. I don’t feel it offers any moisturising benefits but that’s ok as I didn’t get it for that. I use about 2 drops of my face and 1 for my neck and chest area. It doesn’t have a strong fragrance either.



I totally wasn’t planning on reviewing this product, I just wanted to experiment with it hence the pictures I did take are so horrible in quality lol. But this serum I will definitely recommend. In fact I mentioned this to a friend who started using it and loved it as well, I think hers it almost finished. I’m also about to run out of mine and it’s a definite repurchase!

TIP- remember for hyperpigmentation, you have to use SPF during the day! I use SPF 50 and that has dramatically improved my skin AND I use it all year round! I have a lot of info on which products and ingredients I recommend right here on the blog as well as skin care routines! Check out these below to get you started



skincare routines 


I am re purchasing this serum as soon as I am finished with this bottle! It’s definitely worth the price!

The Body Shop Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum is £26 and available in Body Shop


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