Primark Insta Girl Face Perfecting Prime & Anti Shine Balm Review

Have you seen Primark’s makeup section? They got lipsticks, nails, brushes and more and lately I found myself browsing through the makeup ( life of a blogger). If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I rave about their false nails! They are so good: the glue is very strong and they come in different designs and colours and the best part? It’s only £1!  I also have a few makeup brushes from them which I reviewed a while back – one of my popular posts! And it’s inspired me to pick up a few more- watch out for part 2 soon! Anyway today’s post will be on their Insta Girl Face Perfecting Prime & Anti Shine Balm which I also showed a few weeks back on my insta stories- seriously you’re missing out on the good stuff if you don’t follow me( birthday giveaway pending!)

The Primark Insta Girl Face Perfecting Prime & Anti Shine Balm promises to keep your makeup shine free and perfect your skin to let your makeup look good all day long. The Insta Girl collection from Primark is supposed to make you selfie-ready and Insta famous (not literally though lol)



The PS Insta Girl Face Perfecting comes in two forms: a stick and the balm. I tested the texture out on my insta stories (I wish I saved them now smh) and decided to go for the balm as it was slightly thicker and smoother than the balm.  The balm comes in a compact and in it, you get a sponge for application, the balm and a good sized mirror. I do like the packaging a lot.

The balm is white but goes on clear and feels very soft and velvet on the back of my hands. Notice I say back of my hands. When applied to the back of the hands, it looks really smooth and you can see a difference in where it’s been applied and the area where it hasn’t.

Onto the face then: on the face, the balm doesn’t do a lot of smoothing out. I was quite disappointed as it didn’t make a difference to the appearance of my pores or skin. It did look slightly smooth on, but nowhere near as it looked on the back of my hands. I also noticed it left my skin looking a little bit textured which I didn’t appreciate!

The balm in the compact is quite soft and gives way when you apply slight pressure which means even though I have only used it a few times I have ‘hit pan’ already. I don’t like applying it with the sponge as I feel like its rubbing off the moisture from my face hence it looks slightly dry after applying the balm all over. It’s best applied with fingers in small areas. This won’t be the primer you rub all over your face in one go.

In terms of its anti-shine claims; I don’t think it does a great job either. I have normal to combo skin which gets a little shine after 4-5 of makeup wear. I thought the balm been anti-shine would extend that seeing I’m not too oily but it really didn’t do that at all. I still had to blot after 4-5 hours of wear. Did I become Insta Famous? Nah gurl lol, it didn’t really make a difference when I took my selfies either LOL


It would have been an ok primer if it didn’t look slightly textured on my skin. The PS Insta Girl Face Perfecting Prime & Anti Shine Balm is a definite miss from Primark for me.

Will I repurchase? Issa NO

Primark PS Insta Girl Face Perfecting Prime & Anti Shine Balm is £3 and available from Primark




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