L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow Mask Review


The L’Oréal Pure Clay Mask is part of the Pure Clay collection which features 3 clays with amazing skin benefits. The Pure Clay Masks are also their first face masks from L’Oréal. The full collection: Purity Clay Mask, Glow Clay Mask & Detox Clay Mask.

I picked up the Pure Clay Glow Mask and it promises to brighten and exfoliate for your purest, cleanest brightest skin. It’s enriched with Red Algae extract and apricot seeds



loreal pure clay glow mask review


First off, I love the packaging: the glass tub gives it a lux feel. You get 50ml of product which L’Oréal say last about 10 applications but obviously, this is more or less depending on how much you use. Can we also say how similar  the colour is to my skin tone LOL, I promise you I have the mask on in the pic

The texture is creamy but thick and slightly difficult to spread. It has a gritty feel thanks to the apricot seeds in it. I love the scent of the mask, I’m not quite sure on what it compare it to but I find it quite pleasant.

The Glow Mask dries fairly quickly and doesn’t have any sensation to it, it doesn’t dry tight.  I let this sit for 15 to 20 mins, more if I am multi-tasking or doing chores ( as you can see in the pic, I got my leopard print Cookie inspired morning coat on and my hair be drying gurrllll lol). It washes off easily and you also get some mild exfoliating actions thanks to those apricot seeds. My face feels clean and normal; it doesn’t dry out my skin. It feels soft too. I also put the mask on my neck and no issues there

In terms of brightening/glowing– there is a little something when you wash the mask off. Just a little something something like a 4 outta 10. LOL. I must admit I haven’t noticed long-term benefits from the mask as I tend to reach for other masks more than this.

Verdict– it’s a nice mask, and I like the exfoliation action you get but I haven’t really noticed any of the glowing/brightening benefits.

Will I repurchase? No

L’Oréal have extended the Pure Clay range to add 2 face washes and 1 scrub! I have a review on the Pure Clay Detox Wash

L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow Mask is £7.99 from Superdrug

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