Best Highlighters for Black Women Under £10


Who doesn’t LOVE a good highlighter? I mean when the light hits your cheekbones and the shine alone blinds your enemies! LOL I am obsessed with highlighters and I don’t think I can do a makeup look without them! But let’s face it, some of the best ones are pricey and God knows I am not using my Becca Topaz every day for work! No no!

My best liquid lipsticks post (read it here) was super popular so I thought I would keep the same concept for more posts. Makeup highlighters were the next idea I had and after a bit of research, I realised I actually have a few highlighters from the drugstore that are under £10 and perfect for women of colour!

Enough talk, let’s get into the post

Best Highlighters for Black Women under £10

Between these insta worthy shades, they are super pigmentated, blend hella easy and nicely milled to not highlight texture on the skin. I apply with a fan brush (I didn’t know these were hard to come by lol) or a small stippling brush for that glow from within look!

I chose these highlighters based on





Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter In Rejuvenate, £3

Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer In Rock On World, £4

MUA Undress Your Skin In Iridescent Gold, £3

Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick In Rose Gold, £3

Makeup Obsession Highlighter In Tropical, £3

Makeup Obsession Highlighter In Flame, £3

BodyShop Highlighting Domes In 3, £9

Gosh Copenhagen Lumi Drops In Bronze, £7.99

Worth checking out

Sleek Contour Kit


Swatches of the highlighters are below. I would do individual swatches but time you see, but follow me on Insta and you will get swatches and moreeeee lol

Most of these I realised are under £5! Don’t sleep on the Drugstore guys, they have some pretty amazing products and they are super cheap too! I’m thinking of what to add to the Best Series next, I would love to hear your suggestions! Remember you can turn your fav shimmery eyeshadow to a highlighter or a shimmer blush into a highlight as well- break the makeup rules and play with it!

I just finished the Drugstore Setting Spray & Primers Review series! Make sure to check them out as well!

More in the Best Series

Translucent/ Setting Powders


Sheet Masks

Natural Hair Shampoos


What’s your fav drugstore highlighter?


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