Barry M Mist & Fix Makeup Setting Spray Dewy Finish Review


Makeup setting sprays are a fav type of product for me and it’s my mission ( because I love setting myself one) to try them all ( a bit like Pokémon really lol) so once again I set out on a mission to try all the setting sprays from the drugstore, well at least the most popular drugstore brands. I will link all the reviews I have done so far at the end of this post

I had to stop by Barry M. A staple makeup brand on the great British high street. I picked up their Mist & Fix Makeup Setting Spray Dewy Finish. The spray promises to help your makeup last longer, hydrate and condition the skin whilst fixing makeup for long lasting wear. It also says you will feel fresher and its ‘city-proof’ with active ingredients that protect the skin from dirt and pollution


Small cute bottle with a spray nozzle that works. The mist is very fine and a good amount comes out. Doesn’t disturb my makeup or smudge my mascara. It doesn’t really have a scent to it, although there is a faint smell of chemicals to it.

Let’s talk of the claims of this spray. Feeling fresher isn’t something I would really expect from a makeup setting spray and I didn’t feel fresher after application. I have normal to combo skin with a slightly oily tzone. I didn’t feel any hydration from the spray but it didn’t dry out my skin either. It also says its city proof and protects the skin from dirt and pollution. I can’t really say I noticed or have noticed a difference in my skin since using this (I wouldn’t even know how to measure this result to review it lol)


I think it’s nice for taking away excess powder but for a dewy finish I’m on the fence. A few times I noticed it gave a somewhat/subpar dewy finish and a few other times it felt like all that misting and spritzing did nothing lol.  I like it but not for the dewy finish and city proof claims, I like it because it’s cheap and cheerful and takes away excess powder without messing with makeup.

I believe the spray comes in a Matte Finish as well.

Will I repurchase? No

Barry M Mist & Fix Makeup Setting Spray Dewy Finish is £4.99 at Superdrug


The drugstore setting spray series has come to an end! In order of my fav, here’s what I reviewed in the series

  1. Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Setting Spray
  2. L’Oréal Infallible Fixing Mist
  3. MUA ProBase Mattify Setting Spray
  4. Barry M Mist & Fix Makeup Setting Spray Dewy Finish
  5. Maybelline SuperStay 24 Makeup Setting Spray


Other fav setting sprays- Mario Badescu Aloe and Rosewater Setting Spray


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