Blogger Box Swap with Tasha’s Face

My blogger box swap is back and this time I am unboxing goodies from Tasha’s face! I will link her post below and you can catch what I sent her as well! The theme for this box swap was simple, our drugstore makeup favourites which can be used to create a full look and a budget of £20! We decided to leave out foundations and concealers due to the hustle of trying to match shades etc.

I received my cute small pink box from Tasha a while back and here’s what I got

Maybelline Lash Sensation

Mascara backups are always good (I run out of these super quick! I’m not the only one who layers mascaras eh?!)! I have the same mascara in my arsenal and it’s one of my favs!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo In Eternal Gold

I’m not a big eyeshadow fan (that’s changing as I learn more and more on application) but any shadow that is gold/ neutral/ brown is game for me. This one is really nice and I have been playing around with it using it as a base for other gold shadows or just by it’s self as a lid colour. Very nice

Barry M Kohl Pencil

A simple kohl pencil is a definite must have in every respectable makeup collection. I haven’t tried this one from Barry M but I like how pigmented it is. It also feels nice and creamy and doesn’t drag!

L’Oréal Brow Artist Pencil In Expresso

Brows are something I need to start taking more seriously. I never fill in my brows, I’m lucky I have fairly “thick” brows so clear brow gels are good for me. However, I been wanting to try a few brow products lately. This pencil from L’Oréal has the colour on one end and the wax on the other. I have used the wax side more but the colour side is very nice too and a good match for me. it applies quite well and holds up through the day

MUA Lipstick in Shade 3

I love the MUA brand. Cheap and cheerful makeup products that actually have some colour in them. I remember starting out with their £1 lipsticks ages ago. The shade isn’t one I would pick or wear often but nevertheless look at the colour pay off.  For £1 too! the formula is nice and its looks like it will have a sheen finish


That’s all the goodies I got from her! Some backups and new ones to try. A big thankful to Tasha for doing the swap with me. This post has been long coming but life and its hustle eh! Click the picture below to go to Tasha’s blog to see what I got her!




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