5 Things I Stopped Doing To My Natural Hair

Since the Natural Hair Movement began some 5 or 6 years ago, countless of hacks and techniques have come about too, from the downright silly to the oo that’s interesting. There are now countless of hair blogs and YouTube gurus and between them different hair textures, styles and techniques to help everyone with their journey. But with a lot of information, it is very easy to be swept away by the latest trend that promises better and healthier hair but is all that really necessary?

When I first started blogging I tried almost everything, inversion method? Yes, praying hand method?  of course, I pray anyway lol but as time when on, I realised these things were just extras and didn’t really add any more to my hair. Nowadays, time is of the essence and I have stripped my routine down to the basics and things that work for my hair period. Whilst thinking about this post, I thought I would share some of the hyped up things I stopped doing or don’t do as often anymore, just to show how some things are not really necessary. This post isn’t to say you should stop doing them especially, if they work for you, or these things are bad but it’s just to inform you that, it isn’t really a requirement and you may not be missing out on it either!

ACV rinses

So I started doing ACV rinses because everyone and their sister were talking about how beneficial they were! Almost every hair routine vid I watched incorporated this and testified on how it closes the cuticle, stopped shedding etc. so I thought I HAVE do this. I have 4c hair which is prone to shedding so anything that promises to stop/reduce it I’m up for. Now, I HATE the smell of ACV but if it helps I was willing to give it ago. But after doing them for almost 2 months and not seeing any benefits I simply just stopped! After learning more about my hair and what affects its shedding, I learnt to control that instead of subjecting myself to that horrid smell! LOL


My DNA Hydrating Cowash Review

I wasn’t really a fan of Co-washing to begin with. I understood the point of it and can see its benefits but I love a good shampoo and enjoy the suds it creates. I haven’t used a lot of cowashes and only 2 or 3 have really impressed me. I co-wash once in a blue moon when I’m super lazy and really pressed for time but it’s something I do not do often at all! Speaking of, check out my latest review on a co-wash I have had for almost two years! MyDNA Cowash Review


Hot oil treatments

Hot oil treatments have many benefits and are excellent for pre-shampoo treatments but if you don’t do them it’s really not a big deal, normal temp oil is great too. I stopped doing these due to pure laziness lol and went back to my basic pre-poo method with oil, a plastic bag and 10 mins and my hair felt no different.

Cold water rinses

I’m sure you have heard the phrase, cold water closes the cuticle or adds shine etc. I stopped doing this after 3 washes lol because 1. It’s always cold in the UK and I don’t like running cold water on my hair lol 2. Normal temp/slightly warm water was working fine for me in the first place.

Using a shampoo without sulfates

5 Things I Stopped Doing To My Natural Hair

Shampoo with sulfates? Gurl, what you thinking? It’s almost like sulfates is the dreaded word in the natural hair community. It dries out your hair etc etc etc and I’m probably sure you have seen all the shampoos and products that proudly display the ‘no sulfates label’. I would even be the first to recommend shampoo without sulfates if you can but a little sulphate don’t hurt. I have used shampoos with sulfates that have left my hair cleaner and softer than shampoos without sulfates that are supposed to be better (#noshade).

The key here is balance: of course, shampooing your hair every day with a shampoo with sulfates will do some damage than using it as a clarifying shampoo once every 3 months. Plus if you are following up with a deep conditioner then your hair should be fine. One of my fav shampoos, the ApHogee Deep Moisture Shampoo contains sulfates but leaves my hair so soft and so clean and I prefer it over some of the non sulfate shampoos I have tried.  I still recommend and use no sulfate shampoos and I have tons but I am also not afraid to use a sulfate containing shampoo


That’s all folks. I hope you found this post useful. Remember, you don’t have to try every single method or technique out there especially if you already know what works for your hair or if you have doubts on how it will benefit your hair.  Basics are always good.

Again I am not saying these don’t work or don’t have any benefits, I just found myself doing them less and less and realised no difference in the health of my hair so simply stopped doing them all together. If any of these methods work for you, by all means go ahead with them.

Wishing you happy hair days


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