Skincare Ingredients: Retinol Benefits in Skincare

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Are you into skincare yet? If not, how come? Your skin is by far the largest organ and it’s in constant interaction with the environment and everything else so it’s a wise choice to invest in them. I have been talking about which skincare ingredients you should be looking out for in your products, check out what I said about Hyaluronic Acid here and AHA/BHA’s here. Today, we are shining the spotlight on Retinol, the wonder ingredient that has made big waves in the beauty industry. What benefits does Retinol have in Skincare? Carry on reading to find out!

Retinol aka Vitamin A has been well studied and researched and has proven results for a range of skin concerns including anti-ageing, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation and dullness. It’s suitable for all skin types but can cause irritation in some, which is why its recommended you use it every other day when you start. It’s also worth knowing when using Retinol or indeed any other product, the use of SPF is very important to help protect your skin from sun damage- without this you are reversing any good you get from your products!

Retinol, or any other form of Vitamin A when, exposed to air and sunlight begins to break down. Look out for products with air tight packaging and in opaque containers. I have seen some retinol products in dropper packaging, but I’m sure they have formulated the product to ensure it doesn’t breakdown as easily (probably by using a combo of different Vitamin A derivatives and some smart technology)

Naturally, my research has pointed out some amazing skincare products with Retinol which are worth sharing and the inevitable updating of my never ending list of products to try.

The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2%, £8

Skincare Ingredients: Retinol Benefits in Skincare


Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Antioxidant Serum with Retinol, £31

Skincare Ingredients: Retinol Benefits in Skincare

Ren Bio Retinoid Anti-Ageing Concentrate £44

Skincare Ingredients: Retinol Benefits in Skincare

Retinol products can be easily worked into your existing skincare routine. You can replace your serum with it or choose a moisturiser with added retinol: there are so many options with this

Does anyone use retinol? Let me know how you’re getting on with it. Would you recommend it? Comment below

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