Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer Review

Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer Review


Makeup Revolution is doing big things atm. They have some amazing and pigmented products plus they are very affordable too, the only issue sometimes is getting them in stock in Superdrug! Lets not forget the new releases they have been putting out lately! Anyone got their hands on the new Strobe Highlighters yet? For my Drugstore Primer Series, I couldn’t overlook Makeup Revolution and so I picked up their Ultra Face Base Primer to test out.

The Ultra Face Base Primer promises 24hr Makeup Protection whilst providing an even canvas for foundation


This primer is by far the best I have tried in the series and my favourite one to date! It provides a very silky smooth base for makeup and applies very easily too. I have small pores and I find the primer to be good at minimising them however, I am not sure how it will work if you have large pores. It doesn’t give any sort of finish to your makeup although it doesn’t really claim to do that. In my opinion, it gives a natural satin finish. The texture is very smooth and it has a good consistency: not thick but not runny either. It’s also clear and doesn’t leave a white cast on the face.

I have normal to combo skin with a slightly oily T zone but I found this primer to be very good with oil control although it doesn’t say it does that as well. I also think this primer is very comparable to the Mary Kay Timewise Foundation Primer and the Gosh Copenhagen Velvet Smooth Primer. I didn’t experience any irritation with the Ultra Face Base Primer. It helps your makeup stay longer and looking fresh all day!


It’s the best primer and my favourite one so far in my series and one I will definitely recommend! The only downside to the primer is that it has parabens in it. If you can overlook that then it’s a great drugstore primer! Lord knows I don’t want to stop using this but duty calls and I have to move into the next primer which quite frankly I am not looking forward to! ( I will be back soon baby don’t you worry!)

Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer is £5 and available at Tam Beauty

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I will be revealing the next primer on Instagram, make sure you are following me on there to find out what’s next!

I also have an update in the Drugstore Setting Spray Review Series coming soon, stay tuned for that!

Catch you soon


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