Sukin Facial Moisturiser Review

Sukin Facial Moisturiser


Sukin is one of Australia’s hit brands, it’s vegan-friendly cruelty-free and for organic skincare, it’s actually budget friendly. I attended the press breakfast event some time ago when it launched and was gifted some goodies. The Facial Moisturiser was one of the products in the bag and I have recently gotten round to using it.



It’s a very light weight lotion which sinks into the skin and easily absorbed. I have normal to combo skin, with my tzone been slightly oily. My skin doesn’t tend to be extra dry in the winter and a good moisturiser helps me maintain moisture. Unfortunately for me, this moisturiser does nothing for me. I have been noticing my skin been drier than usual even after makeup application and during the day. I first thought it was due to the change in primers and setting sprays but after changing back to my normal dewy spray, my skin still felt and looked dry.

I started to pay more attention to this product when and after application and realised it doesn’t give me any moisture at all although I layer it on top of my Hyaluronic Acid serum from The Ordinary. I think the texture is too lightweight for my skin, I tend to like creams or thicker lotions, I find those work better for my skin



For me this product was disappointing. I love their Rosehip Oil Moisturiser which had a thicker texture and provided more moisture for me. I am half way down the tube and I think it is going to go back into my product stash to await the next rotation. Maybe it will be better in the summer when the weather isn’t as dry as now. It has a very impressive ingredient list: Avocado oil, Rose Hip and Jojoba among others but unfortunately this didn’t work for me. I will recommend  the Rosehip Oil Moisturiser though and the brand if you are looking for affordable vegan-friendly organic skincare.


Sukin Facial Moisturiser is £ £7.95 and available at Boots


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