My DNA Hydrating Cowash Review

My DNA Hydrating Cowash Review


It seems like such a long time ago I did a hair edit or a hair product review! Although I have been focusing on my skin a lot, I haven’t neglected my hair! Today’s post will be hair product review and judging by the title, we will be talking about the Hydrating Cowash from My DNA.

My DNA Hydrating Cowash is a cleansing conditioner formulated for all natural hair textures and jam packed with natural ingredients like Monoi de Tahiti, aloe vera juice, tamanu seed oil and jojoba seed oil among many others. It softens, strengthens and removes excess product build up, dirt and oils.

It can also be used as a conditioner for a conditioning treatment


I have a lot of good things to say about this cowash. The texture is creamy and thick and the scent is amazing! It gives a good amount of slip and makes detangling a breeze, bear in mind I have 4c kinky coily hair which shrinks on contact with water!

The cleansing action of the cowash is pretty good too. I feel my hair and scalp is left clean and any oils in my hair (Pre poo oils & excess oil build up) are gently removed as well as any gel/edge control build up.

For the conditioning treatment, I usually leave this on and cover with a plastic bag for 5-10 mins. It’s great for a light conditioning treatment and it leaves my hair really soft. I don’t feel the need to follow up with a deep conditioner after using this cowash.


This co wash is great for a quick and easy wash day routine! It’s great for detangling, gentle cleansing and light conditioning. As with any cowash, I won’t recommend it for heavy product build up as it’s not designed for that. This one is great for light to medium build-up without stripping your hair of moisture. It also works great for curly hair extensions! If you’re in search for a cowash with great slip, this one has plenty to help you detangle with ease!

I would definitely recommend this!

My DNA Hydrating Cowash is £6.95 at British Curlies

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Your needs shall be met

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