What’s New in Superdrug and Boots!

Who likes going to Superdrug or Boots for browsing? LOL I do! Every time I head to town, I make sure to pop into these stores to see what’s on offer and check out new releases so I thought I would do a ‘What’s New’ series to keep everyone updated! (it will be 100000 times easier if you followed me on Instagram babes. It’s SarahFynn. Let’s see what I spotted these past few days

Over in Superdrug, I spotted the new Color Drama Lip Contour Palette from Maybelline. The palette features 6 shades: 3 for lining and 3 for colour, a primer and a highlight. Available in two shades


I also came across new additions to the Garnier Pure Active Range (Check out my review on the Pure Active Wash & Toner). The new additions are the Anti-Blemish Soap-Free Gel, Daily Gel Wash and the Anti Blemish Soothing Moisturiser.

It looks like a new range is also out: Pure Active Intense which has the Exfoliating Charcoal Scrub

I know Superdrug did a re vamp of their own brand of skincare and it seems they are out with some new goodies

The B.Skincare line in Superdrug has added the B. Lifted Contouring Cream to their repertoire.



Boots didn’t fall short of new releases also. Neutrogena Hydro Boost range has now added the Hydro Boost Gelee Milk Cleanser (I hear this range is very good, let me know if you want reviews)

Garnier Moisture Bomb Collection has TWO new products! This is why I went into Boots today, I saw this on the Garnier Insta Stories and immediately reposted it on my page (another reason why you should follow me on Instagram!) I love the Tissue Mask from this collection (check out my review here) and I LOVE mists (currently discovering SPF mists, although the first one I have tried didn’t leave a good 1st impression LOL) so naturally I wanted to try this! I must admit I am a little disappointed at the price point though, £9.99? I was prepared to purchase it but decided to test it out first and sprayed it on my hands. It kinda left a white film on my skin which obviously on my skin tone will come across as ashy (maybe I didn’t shake it well enough?) either way I was a little put off by that! (I will test it again soon). They have also added the Glow Booster Water Cream Moisturiser

Garnier has been banging out these new releases! They also have new Micellar Cleansing Gel Washes in the Skin Active collection. I picked one of these up! Watch this space for a review soon.

What’s new with Sleek? They have launched their new Brow Intensity Pens featuring a Brow Highlighter on one side and a Sculptor on the other.

That’s all folks! Let me know what new releases you have spotted in the shops! Make sure to also tag me for any recommendations and reviews on Instagram (you have to follow me now!)

I will hopefully be back with some more new and exciting releases, but for now check out my B. Skincare Challenge with Superdrug

(I need some Oreo Cheesecake)

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