MUA ProBase Moisturising Primer Review

mua probase moisturising primer review


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As you guys know, I am doing a series of Drugstore Primers and Setting Sprays Reviews! Check out which primers I picked here and the setting sprays I will be putting to the test here! To kick things off, today I will be reviewing the MUA Pro Base Moisturising Primer. I have been using this for a week and I am ready to bring my thoughts. Let’s begin!

The MUA Pro Base Moisturising Primer has added Vitamins A & E and tea tree oil. It promises to leave a velvet smooth base for even makeup application and feel light and moisturising.


It feels very light, almost like a lotion. I also like the added tea tree as it helps with breakouts. I didn’t experience any breakouts with the primer. In terms of moisturising, I didn’t feel as though it added any more moisture to my skin. I use the primer as the last step in skincare before makeup and using this didn’t make any difference. With the velvet smooth base it’s supposed to give, I wish it gave more. This primer isn’t silicone based although it has Dimethicone as one of the ingredients (4th) so you don’t really get the same feel and smoothness silicones give.


I know it’s only £4 but I wanted a little bit more from this product. I wish it was more moisturising and more velvety. If you have dry skin, I won’t recommend you skip your normal moisturising cream for this. I noticed its best applied with your fingers and allowed to dry a bit before going in with your makeup.

MUA Pro Base Primer is available in two finishes: Moisturising and Mattifying. I hear the Mattifying one is quite good.

MUA Pro Base Moisturising Primer is £4 available in Superdrug or the MUA website.


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