Vanity Planet Spin For Perfect Skin Face Brush Unboxing

Sonic face brushes? Yay or nay? I know they have a lot of benefits but I have held off buying one till now. I have tried manual brushes and they did wonders for my skin, so I finally decided graduate to sonic brushes. I decided to go with Vanity Planet’s Spin For Perfect Skin Face Brush as I heard a lot of positive reviews about it and quite frankly it was perfect for my budget. Let’s talk a bit of the brand and the brush. This post isn’t sponsored by the way, but if Vanity Planet want to I am SO open to it lol

Vanity Planet (VP) is a US beauty brand that sells a range of health and beauty products and among those are their very popular face brushes. I know they have a few different brushes for different budgets and skin types:

  • Spin For Perfect Skin– all skin types
  • Pure Spin– sensitive to normal skin types
  • Ultimate Spa System– multiple skin types
  • MoxiSpin– dry and sensitive skin types and perfect for travellers

Most of the brush come with different accessories e.g. different brush heads.

Unboxing the Vanity Planet Spin For Perfect Skin Face Brush

I decided to go for the Spin for Perfect Skin as it was the best one for my skin type and budget. Check out my unboxing video

Initial Thoughts

The bristles are quite soft and so far I have been using the daily cleansing brush head. It feels soft on the skin and quite ticklish for me lol. After 1st use, I got compliments on how I was glowing (cough cough). Anyway so far so good I will do a month’s review! I haven’t use the other brush heads yet.

Shipping & Customs

At the time of purchasing, they had a 50% off offer so I paid $30 for the brush plus $20 for replacement heads. I also paid $11.21 for express 24hr shipping (they have other shipping options too). Everything added up to $61.21 which converts to £50.20. I ordered on a Sunday night and it came Tuesday morning. I paid no customs duties.

For more info on the brushes and the brand visit the VP website which I will link below. I think they have a sale going on so make sure you check them out! There are loads of videos on YouTube for their brushes, I encourage you to check those if you are not sure which brush to get.

Vanity Planet

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