Beautify Large 6 Tier Clear Acrylic Organiser Review

Acrylic organisers are very popular for makeup organisation. They allow you to put your collection on display whilst the clear material means you know where everything is. The Muji drawers are very popular as they are made with good quality acrylic and easy to access for some. I prefer the 2 draw Muji Acrylics as they are quite deep compared to their 5 draw ones. But as my collection grows, it’s getting more expensive to get loads of these instead of investing in one large one! Enter my new Beautify Large 6 Tier Clear Acrylic Organiser.

Features & Dimensions


  • Dimensions: L24 x W24 x H30cm
  • Hinged flip top lid
  • Removable dividers

What fits in the Beautify Large 6 Tier Clear Acrylic Organiser?



One of the main reasons I purchased this organiser was to fit most of my bulkier skincare & makeup items that don’t fit in the Muji drawers. I am very happy it fits bulkier skincare items like I showed in the video. It also fits the Sasha Buttercup Powder. The acrylic is very good quality and it’s quite heavy. It arrived within 2 days and packaged very well- there weren’t any scratches on it!

I really do love this organiser. It is a bit on the pricey side but for what it can fit and I very happy with it. I do wish the top drawer was movable but I am happy with it. I have a growing collection and this organiser actually holds a lot of my items which means it’s not thrown in my box under my vanity lol. It also means I can use a lot of stuff- honestly once I put it in that box I usually forget about it!


Makeup lovers, you will love this! It holds a lot of stuff and the material is very sturdy and strong. The seller offers free & fast 2-day shipping so you will be getting your organiser in no time! They have an extra-large organiser and smaller organisers in different colours, it’s worth checking them out! I hope the video helps because there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to buy an organiser but not knowing which of your products will fit!

It’s a small investment if you have already invested in your makeup/ skincare collection then this is worth it!

Beautify Large 6 Tier Clear Organiser is £37.99 and available from EBay.

Seller name is Domu-marketplace

Makeup/ skincare collection post? Hmm


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