Skincare Ingredients: Antioxidants

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Skincare is serious business- your skin is your largest organ should it makes sense to invest in it. as well as watching your diet and exercising, the products you use on it should do nothing enhance the sheer beauty of it. Today in our skincare ingredients series, we are looking at antioxidants- the all-powerful substance that helps to protect out skin!

Before we touch on antioxidants, we must first take a look at oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical process that results in the formulation of free radicals which lead to chain reaction that could damage cells. The sole purpose then of the antioxidant is to prevent oxidation from happening. Antioxidants are useful in the body as well as out and since this is a beauty blog, we will talk about its usefulness in terms of skincare.

The most popular use of Antioxidants in skincare is for anti-ageing purposes. They help plump out the skin, making it look more youthful. Antioxidants are also known to be used for sun damage and scar healing. Antioxidants like Vitamin C and E are very popular in skincare products for the former reasons. Other Antioxidants include Retinol and Resveratrol.


The ‘Super food’ craze should just end in your kitchen cabinet! Look for skincare products that are loaded with antioxidants like Vitamin C and E. especially for anti-ageing products. There are a lot of products with antioxidants in them and you probably use it without even realising it! For instance The Body Shop’s Vitamin E and C range. Ever use anything from that collection? Yep, that’s antioxidants! The Vitamin E collection from Superdrug? Yep, that too! (p.s I love that range!)

Here are a few more products to get you started

Sukin Super Greens Collection

Paula’s Choice Antioxidant Serums 

Dermalogica Age Smart Antioxidant Hydramist

NIP FAB Kale Fix

Here’s my current antioxidant products


I LOVE the Body Shop Facial mists and they have been a firm staple in my skincare stash, however, it wasn’t until actually doing this post that I realised they were antioxidants. I am seriously considering splurging on the full size of the Paula’s Choice serum. The texture is amazing and very similar to that of a primer. I have been thinking of getting the Sukin’s Super Foods Facial Recovery Serum– review anyone?

I feel to do a separate post on Retinol as it needs more research and I need to go in-depth with that, I will let you know in due course. For now, make sure you follow me on Instagram (Sarah Fynn) for updates and on SnapChat for more! – itssarahfynn


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With love


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