B. Pure Micellar Oil Review

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Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great! Happy new month of September! Can you believe 2017 is almost here?!

I have been MIA lately and it was for a good cause, I was busy planning my 1st ever hair talk! More on that to come soon. I have been busy with my other social media channels and running a lot of giveaways so make sure you follow me on there so you don’t miss out! All the links are under the Social Tab

Onto today’s post then

The long overdue review on the B.Pure Micellar Oil I picked up months ago from Superdrug. I love Micellar Technology I have been trying out a lot of drugstore products before moving onto the big boys. I think I have done pretty well with the amount of brands I have tried, check the Review Index for all reviews but my favs are No7, Superdrug and Nivea

I must admit the Micellar Oil was very interesting to me. This one from Superdrug is an oil to milk cleanser and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It has Vitamin E, Chia Seed Oil and Pomegranate Seed Oil to protect, purify and soften. It’s also able to dissolve waterproof and long lasting make up.


I will be honest; I didn’t like this product when I first starting using it and that was because I was using it totally wrong. I found it quite heavy on the face, not as effective and for some reason, I always got it in my eye. Here, I was using it on a pad and wiping my face with it.

Then, I started using it to wash my face as a face wash. I found it a bit more effective but I was still left with a lot of makeup residue and panda eyes (and I still managed to get some in my eye).

After this , I stopped using it for a long time. I finally read the instructions on how to use it properly, which is to  apply the oil onto a cotton pad and wipe across a wet face and I got much better results! Still got a bit in my eye lol, but it felt lighter on my face and it easily removed my makeup! It didn’t break me out of clog my pores. I did notice it was much quicker and easier if the cotton pad was slightly damp too. I would say it’s not the best at removing mascara. The oil turns white in contact with water. I am not sure if I like the smell yet.


It took a while, but I finally got there! Now the oil is almost finished. Moral of the story- read the instruction on how to use your products lol. I don’t think I will repurchase though, only because it’s quite messy and takes a longer time to complete my cleansing routine as supposed to using just the B. Pure Micellar Wipes which is just as effective if not more or just normal micellar water.

Pure Micellar Oil is £6.99 and available from Superdrug

But you have shown me the path to EverLasting Life

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